Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite on VirtualBox and VMware With Niresh Version 2 (Download Link)Video blog

Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite on VirtualBox and VMware With Niresh Version 2 (Download Link)

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Date: 22.12.2014 14:52:16

How to install Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite on VirtualBox and VMware with Niresh Version 2 Yosemite Retail Version 14A389 Download Link: Google drive: : : Winrar: Virtualbox: Vmware Player: Unlock All 1.3: Make Mac OS X AMD Boot Automatically, Change Default Bootscreen Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite Retail on PC on VMware Player 7 and Workstation 11 (Intel Only) How to Repair Network Connection in Mac OS X Yosemite on VMware and Virtualbox Optimize Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite Faster on VMware (Download Link) How To Fix Mac Yosemite VirtualBox Resolution (For Niresh Version) Enabling Intel VT-X and AMD-V Virtualization in BIOS VMware Fix Google drive limit of download: Fix Rar File Corrputed : Please Like And Subscribe For More Videos ?add_user=igamereviews09 **************************************************************************** Stay Up To Date with TechReviews! Youtube Channel: Follow on Twitter: Follow on Facebook: ****************************************************************************

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Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite on VirtualBox and VMware With Niresh Version 2 (Download Link)

Tech Reviews

22.12.2014 14:53:42
Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite on VirtualBox and VMware with Niresh Version 2 (Download Link)


15.03.2015 1:50:37
I booted with -v and I'm stuck at "SBRG: family specific matching fails" Any idea?

Sergii O. Tkachenko (SandI Love)

01.04.2015 15:55:52
Can You  please  confirm if this is a correct archive parts hashes?..

Mac OS X Yosemite Niresh Intel and AMD
Adler32: C89275CF
BLAKE2sp: 6516BE25C05191A1633ADE2BB8E2ADED3FEDE28E2E510FDE37FC00AFF8BFA2B8
BTIH: 1518D07389143A3653E599BEA88A571FBF1CA5C6
CRC32: 4227FDE3
ED2K: 1B9BD4FD8EBE0FDF4620802F916FC895
MD2: 47995690C141F22378FEC42318EF59D7
MD4: D823B498B2A3724F522BE8159DCDE9B3
MD5: 8248199663AE454595EBB92797195B14
RIPEMD-128: 5222793B09E991BC72F83185A0403F92
RIPEMD-256: 97DBC523CC714D6DFD1B2D3A3E1AF1CCC70403E79632F37045089FB8E6F1F42C
RIPEMD-320: C9A700DF9CA8DF2FD45C475F0FFE04F3E399DF3AD9771714B3C369F7D47BC6E574333C93D6516C85
SHA-1: 9B60FF70792B1D98379BDF89AFD03A57D2B2BDA8
SHA-256: 3BF1B9074AAF67A2D55F688637175D35BD23130D094ECC64B41BB08D419930A3
SHA-256 Base64: O/G5B0qvZ6LVX2iGNxddNb0jEw0JTsxktBuwjUGZMKM=
SHA-384: 02D99414065BBE4484FAF472EAA41F32DD0A58FCD1321A59399BCF2154DF488F240F2164A3137D458712072BD32FF8BB
SHA-512: 1EEE95E3782FC166508E415EF5153C5295ECAB4CD57F85C12198FF5C51374794956113B3C6FEC995429D9477D00170753AF95C279950317BB6C8FC5F323FB776
SHA3-224: 67A4586001A9913508A255BA380D2A9B4638CE6605D6F35A48E604AE
SHA3-256: E12E3F67CE14840E000FB557A3ECFDFFA6F5D3A97F3BB7C3EE07F777F8DC991B
SHA3-384: D5C83DF908F0A678798F15A435A848C7401E95819EEFE8A121E781B40E90EEC021AC5F3FB11D53DEE24EB542961E1C29
SHA3-512: E9053C186304B44769D0ABDAD5145D711F6FA4184E7A04896150BF3DC170459F6F4E901F10C61C2A1EC465225D845771A29A720926212F05CB1853099E6C31F9
Tiger: 3B3B0B9D70D94F403EBCD4FB46875F3DE5261FB130F2C955
Whirlpool: CC2BE523D5C72476149CA8E1D28F3469028A2B79DBAD5F38628E6934FEE5A4985B083D099DC07E29FCEB7E55FE7EA1EA3979ED4035C1A90AAA3BBB2B3EEA838D

Mac OS X Yosemite Niresh Intel and AMD
Adler32: F1DFBDB4
BLAKE2sp: D574C9787E58B18E31EC2161B3EBE596A30EA8AEE6FFB5F68963FB7030D651E7
BTIH: 5D765B757CB9B25EDC4B049BB48BDFEE9135B28A
CRC32: 39061D9C
ED2K: 9BF69CD29AE5621FF903EA1E169D2925
GOST: F5C60A74F350B0D03B61808FD69CE214368F7815C3EC959C9AED8D1A2BCE4D5C
MD2: 9904E8E18630EB6F5E6716496FFBF5AB
MD4: BE87F1989664D303C3BD812946A1249E
MD5: 7EDCB47946DF22E2BF6CBA8371D46678
RIPEMD-128: 4841B7563EE5C672D1B19C15AE661053
RIPEMD-256: 599D2A4922D0175C8ACABB8701E3B3DE010AA0462AF59ECF5D284A50E16A393D
RIPEMD-320: 27AA8AB0358B70DEFDEFF8B5418C9DF6D7F8AD80CFDC72EED011088384A52661D410440F317026D0
SHA-1: ECDE27E2CB5D61D15D31CCE3C307311B7BEB332E
SHA-256: 293E6552CE630B16CAC2ED872B9363063BBBE8DB86B31FE923E286FA3C1D1519
SHA-256 Base64: KT5lUs5jCxbKwu2HK5NjBju76NuGsx/pI+KG+jwdFRk=
SHA-384: FA32AEB6692BE78ECAFB7E637F50414648211E97F55C92AA91518EC76A4D6E1F36D9635D0E8507A77CDA195B4954C770
SHA-512: 631559A25EACF5B2886DBF0777FEC38D410521CB42E87EFA73A54B6EECC1D78221459B0B3F28995AB8B5226392137EA125CB1A6870020B2FA100DA5BD4BB9D30
SHA3-224: 7019A936314BDB5E2043E7C1FDAD7839385CF29B76C4F42A0BC6B757
SHA3-256: 7795C4BD17A120AFDAE2B20E03435C5825F388520DEAE781DC3B2954B6E7BA58
SHA3-384: 3E1B0073E9C1FF379788C57DFF1D34B449A5ED5EEF594261F0B5AD227ADE2A077D4A91F0D337891BDACF5CD755F4A555
SHA3-512: 6FAE6E1DFEDBCC8AA0C4FA216424AD075E8AEF9A95A0AE1CDBAA8CFFF353030342582B09FD49E4CC9A128C921E1244775D14DB4F1FB8C988F311F6F03FA684A6
Tiger: 437134D7F0DEBDBBE3EB72B72804A0992EDE0F87F8CDAF0A
Whirlpool: 3F1A4BF9E1C20FE5CB95CA659C52BC9C4AE9333793E34DEEF75193316D01040CA1ED5082FAF3CE59ACFAA644B5DC97C592E95518718E730F0F5D4E2E247BDFBC

Mac OS X Yosemite Niresh Intel and AMD
Adler32: 09D30C29
BLAKE2sp: F0F2D0FE8274C2E567A005F75622D26F50E42C0E2E9849CDC63F4A0C8B6CF8DE
BTIH: BCA897FE6557EA4F1E9A9C041628F58B1FCAAD13
CRC32: 545BA915
ED2K: 327DD8201526464420384C4B8C8C3DCD
GOST: F84484D0D452BF6AEDA41C9102ED25328289988468C40453765824070363267B
MD2: 2F2540E9304DA0117B754FF70E4506B8
MD4: F9059EC4C6F659D97B43D0F62A862041
MD5: D70113EA083F2B2715B5D4FF042B5596
RIPEMD-128: 20F3F4C45484AFEE46E3B02B30FB4C6B
RIPEMD-256: 64477DC6922FFAFFB6A6E4765865604D3F8513ACB6B364AC2EB21C7E7F304D1D
SHA-1: BC42DE5CA81896A7A396129870E208A97EDCB4AB
SHA-256: 006042321C93D52C3A9426967EAA5B9C096C36D4AA50B84DDD3FF3465ED6BC21
SHA-256 Base64: AGBCMhyT1Sw6lCaWfqpbnAlsNtSqULhN3T/zRl7WvCE=
SHA-384: 5363AEC479A41226A65244E032DF7CE0A4103AC7DCF24C77C0B99AA67D1077C118337263E561B760B9051E2E49013915
SHA-512: A37990FE633171A8DADD6829439135905E98CB7F51A9F4516E94083AEBFF21FE7EE38183D0407B05FA3E574556956BFED83CD30805F5013F07C7BF9F53E45E6A
SHA3-224: 4F79F620EA5F5022529F3786AE536F2A9551C8A90CCDAB0085143BA5
SHA3-256: 6EACB44BDC6F936E025FEC68D3DFA6AF46020ADE09C260F5C5A96BB06A95B153
SHA3-384: D14BB2CC4A97C453D1368834674A9F71C66C220A7BD4AEE6539A2B150907F2768CB52497F995DF5512C9E958CA839DEA
SHA3-512: C484F1E2010B5B1F15226F5CE4E0C4742EEE6501911D5BCD35CFD150AA4BC14C66F672CE8F1D9839F5532163971E1D69856168D2A8109005CE1A3342FB9346E1
Tiger: DE1F6EFC2B6E7624DEF160096333158749140774E3440B63
Whirlpool: D6EE07586252CA7ABFBE1CBF61A18EC958F64423E62650530CC6ACE60B53E7052E80BEA6075D61C9F851A8F17743AF7B9F9BA68CB282A9E82330753D9AAC3DC3


Ahmed Kasapbashi

30.03.2015 10:04:54
Hey Dude, I'm stuck at SBRG: : family specific matching fails??
what should I do ?

Randy Alexander

18.03.2015 17:09:53
So, how do I change the VM's screen resolution with VMWare? I've changed the VM's display resolution but the resolution is still 1024x768.

Keshaun Tillman

11.08.2015 17:07:59
Give me a music plz

Mohammed Sufyan Shaikh

01.03.2015 3:26:34
Thanks man in VMWare Player it works :)

Susheel Kona

28.03.2015 18:36:12
I'm getting a "FATAL: No bootable medium found. System Halted!" Help

The Odlak

19.03.2015 4:09:19
when I try to sign in on facetime, I have 3 keychain options for an authentication token. Allow once, always, or deny. Choosing either one of them will sign me out and the same thing happens when I try again. I also have an error when I try to sing into iMessage: "An error occured during activation. Try again." I have re entered my credits multiple times and it returns the activation error.

quel qu'un

24.01.2015 12:02:52
does someone knows if that work on virtual box 4.3.20?


28.03.2015 13:27:02
any suggestions why -v and -x didnt work? thanks verymuch guys

Raman Kryvasheyeu

06.03.2015 13:02:53
It Worked! At last! Real Thanks!!

amin akbari

06.01.2015 18:58:00
hi tech reviews !
i am stuck in "Ack PM , Ack PM Done " , and i am using virtualbox 4.3.18 and i have core i 7 4500 u
and i got all of these softwares from ur
and i have no old version of mac on my
plz help , thanks !

Brian Chan

08.08.2015 16:49:32
The emulation loops when I type in the password


27.03.2015 21:00:19
Works for me

Der Baba

28.01.2015 15:57:42
I installed everything (the optimization has to be downloaded in the mac os itself) but after like 7 times restart i got this message 
Not enough physical memory is available to power on this virtual machine with its configured settings.

It is possible that native applications and/or services have locked down memory which could be preventing the virtual machine from launching. Shutting down unnecessary applications or services may free enough memory to launch this virtual machine.

If you were able to power on this virtual machine on this host computer in the past, try rebooting the host computer. Rebooting may allow you to use slightly more host memory to run virtual machines.

This cant be because everything on my pc was closed so i will probably install a new one

Amit Patil

12.02.2015 6:50:48
i used vmware image on vmware 11 working fine but my shared storage through option in vmware is not mounted in (not able to play vid in osx..

Game Changer

10.03.2015 0:57:19
Please Help:
Failed to open a session for the virtual machine Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite Niresh Ver 2.

Unable to load R3 module C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox/(VBoxDD): GetLastError=1790 (VERR_UNRESOLVED_ERROR).

Result Code: E_FAIL (0x80004005)
Component: Console
Interface: IConsole 

Stefano Vliegen

29.04.2015 15:49:00
You are a lgend bro


24.03.2015 8:29:17
Hi, I made a post here yesterady but it is not showing when I log out?! Perhaps having a link: thank-you very much for taking time to answer questions.  I get stuck after I enter the boot -x. I have made a short screencast for you, it shows my errors and system + settings here: [Not included, I can send privately, I think youtube won't display my message if a link?]]
any help greatly appreciated, thank-you very much  

Van Khanh

24.12.2014 16:25:22
I follow you step by step. But when I shutdown it, one error happened: waitting for remote debugger connection.
The screen did not shutdown.
Please help me to fix this error.

Payne B

29.12.2014 21:31:54
I had to change my bios setting!!! Thank 

Roberto Van Eeden

22.01.2015 17:17:17
What distro is it?

Kevin Lin

11.02.2015 22:52:50
I was stuck on VM Swap Subsystem is ON, but then followed the instructions in the comments and now the VM won't boot. Error: Querying "UUID" failed. I took a screenshot if that helps: 

Daniel Bogarin

06.07.2015 19:44:24
hi! I followed yours guide ... but i am stuck at login 't show up the setting up process it shows the login screen and ask for a user and password. do you know what user and password are?  thanks


23.12.2014 4:49:39
Account creation action took maybe 10 minutes, but first reboot now works without safe mode (i previous version didnt) - improvement.
Tested on Virtualbox 4.3.12 (later version are bugged on my machine - probably some dual monitor setup bug) windows.
- Freeze on shutdown, i had to restart computer manually.
Boot should run standard boot after some timeout, some users dont know that they should press enter on boot screen.

Brandon Lim

05.07.2015 6:04:52
how to increase memory for mac os


14.07.2015 19:55:46
I booted -v, but but instead of setup screen, directly Username and Password screen is coming up. 
and i am unable to get logged in.

Brandon C

16.06.2015 15:50:10
Do I Have To Do The -v Boot Everytime? I Closed It On VirtualBox And When I Reloaded It It Was Back To Square 1.


08.06.2015 12:12:19
Mine is stuck at the log in. It stays at the loading icon after I type my password and never logs in

Rowan New

26.08.2015 18:30:27
do i use amd bootdisk with vmware? get an error saying guest os has disabled cpu, please help!

Ashley Clewley

26.08.2015 15:20:51
Vcpu error

Angelo Valzano

24.07.2015 16:20:13
perfetto in tutto, unici problemi un crash all'avvio bypassato con sospensione momentanea internet. 10+

Doruk Nak

13.07.2015 18:36:18
On vmware i pushed space and i typed -v but it said cant find please help

Murat Caliskan

15.06.2015 23:17:29
I got one big problem. After install finish when I install the vware tools the graphic fixes but MOUSE click does not work. When I click somewhere it clicks elsewhere. Its orrientation gets broken. But when I uninstall it gets fixed but then the resolution is again bad. HELLPPP.


03.05.2015 16:26:52
when I type -v it shows some text that i cant read then the screen goes black. (vmware) When I try it on Virtual Box it pops up a weird error message, and then black screens.

Maxime Bauchet

04.04.2015 15:42:09
Hello, I have a
Here is the screen --> ?dl=0


18.04.2015 20:19:57
Anyone having wireless internet configuration problems?

Jeff Para

25.06.2015 0:15:46
ok - got it to work on virtualbox, however it wont read usb stick

Andreas Killer

11.08.2015 15:43:13
Mac hangs on Restart or Shut down on Virtual Box, which causes issues after closing and reopen the VM (worst case: VM doesn't work anymore, have to reinstall).

A part of the shut down screen is written below. Is there anything that I can do?


Screenshot (except the ""):

0xfffffff811a411c90 : 0xfffffff7f93da178a : __ZN8AppleSMC22smcHandlePEHaltRestartEj + 0x26e
Kernel Extensions in backtrace:
  dependency: (1.4)[045D5D6F-
BSD process name correponding to current thread: launchd
Boot args: usb=0x800 keepsyms=1 -v -serial=0x1
Mac OS version:
Kernel version:
Darwin kernel Version 14.0.0:

System model name: To Be Filled By (VirtualBox)

System uptime in nanoseconds: 2329809795945


13.06.2015 6:17:05
Everytime I type -v on virtural box, it keeps crashing before even going to the black screen PLEASE HELP!

Jonas Elvedal Hole

23.03.2015 19:23:11
Display: 5MB memory: 3 GB ???

Andrew Pelletier

19.07.2015 20:42:58
Guys! Don't use Virtualbox version 5.0. It is literally the root of all of my problems.

Anthony Borus

15.07.2015 8:31:34
After some hustle around with haswell processor, at first i got to set up screen. But the log in screen showed up before i was done with account setup. So every time i boot up, i get to the log in screen with no account. Any workaround?

Badey Bhai

12.05.2015 4:04:25
Im directed to login screen without any installation

connorhealing †

24.08.2015 12:22:06
Stuck on setting up your Mac, any ideas thank you


16.04.2015 20:08:54
Did everything as shown but i'm stuck on "VM Swap Subsystem is ON"
Any help? already tried -v -x

Csci Csci

19.06.2015 21:00:24
How do i fix imessage?


26.05.2015 20:26:41
So when i am booting the mac os, it gets to the point where it tells me "VM Swap Subsystem is ON" and it stays there and hasn't gone past that position. What would be the reason for this? Thanks.

Younes Keraressi

20.04.2015 14:28:17
Hey Dude thx for this, but i its stuck at  Ack pm done, i saw a coment in a post to some1 that u ve told to him to use -x -v , i got a strange chars 


25.12.2014 21:04:34
Can you please make a torrent file of these Yosemite 10.10 Retail VMware Image.7z.
my internet is slow and dowloading very very sloww.

please upload to torrents.

Marco Farías Cárdenas

03.05.2015 17:42:11
I don't have any sound in VMware, please help!

Daniel Aurelio Galeazzo

12.04.2015 13:01:48
Can I upgrade to 10.10.3?

Samuel Senewe

08.04.2015 11:04:38
Newbie here. A question. Basically using virtual machine (instead of dual booting) means we have to share the ram. So let say when I'm done with the vm and close it, will I be able to have the full capacity of my ram or will I only get the previously shared amount of ram? Thanks

someone playsmc

14.04.2015 16:52:40
Does it have to be unlocker 1.3 or can it be 2.0.4


02.01.2015 3:42:16
Hi Tech Reviews, virtual box didn't work, vmwareplayer didn't work but I did get vmware workstation11 to work with this one but the serial number is SOMESRLNMBR can this be fixed? Thanks

nithesh gowda

14.03.2015 10:47:11
Now i'm getting this "repair permission" notifications every now and then!! i used Virtual box


18.07.2015 11:58:21
What about the wi-fi?


07.04.2015 12:46:23
I don't really understand what I do what download link do I use and do I need all the files and I want to run it on Virtual box


31.05.2015 7:32:19
when i try to use this in vmplayer it goes to the selection screen here i can select the OS or the recovery so i choose the OS and it goes to the hackintosh zone screen and then a message pops up and it says: the CPU has been disabled by the guest operating system. power off or restart the virtual machine. how do i fix this?


11.07.2015 21:26:37
How to increase vram on virtualbox ? In virtual machine settings I have 256mb, but in mac its still 4mb.

Anurag Koushik

12.06.2015 6:43:51
what were the theme songs???

Harry “UNKOWNK9” Smith

28.02.2015 17:39:25
in virtualbox it loads up the hackintosh boot screen with the apple, hackintosh zone words and grey backround, it freezes but in verbose mode its just a black screen no text

The Shadow Wizard

11.03.2015 18:08:18
hey, this tutorial is great and i have Yosemite successfully installed, but I don't have any sound? Help!!


14.07.2015 13:01:34
I get "Cant' find" error wnen trying to start insatllation. How it can be fexed?


17.02.2015 9:30:02
I'm using virtual box and it loads fine then it goes straight to the login screen with no setup and not sure what to do some help would be great.

Eric Dutheil (Arkoon63)

22.01.2015 16:07:53
at first, sorry for my english.
After account creation, it works fine.
i turn off the wm and restart.
login screen
i type my password
have you an idea ? i use virtualbox in w8.1


21.03.2015 2:51:43
Hi, can you please help me? I followed all your steps and I keep running into a problem, in virtual box when I go to boot it up and I type -v it will just go to a blank black screen, and it will do the same if I do -v -x too. Any help? Thank you

Duy Thien

07.04.2015 10:18:03
I failed at this screen. I waited 4 hours but it does not run. Please help me.

Jonathan Cruz

02.06.2015 8:09:16
Mine crashes shortly after I press enter after typing -v. I am using VirtualBox on a 1090T AMD processor. Also trying it on VMWare and I'm stuck on using the unlocker cause it never patches it.

Hendra Wijaya

08.04.2015 20:06:51
mine stuck at vm swap subsystem is on

Douglas Dreyfus

25.03.2015 4:14:40
Hi !
I'm using Workstation, and I have no MacOS X option when I create a new virtual drive.. (same on player).
I configured it anymay and get an erroe immediatly after pressing enter on the first screen : "The CPU has been disabled by the guest operating system. Power off or reset the virtual machine."
What should I do ?

Josiah M.

09.03.2015 23:24:36
First off thanks. I've been trying to do this for four days now, directly onto a partition and through the virtual machines, your method is the only one that's worked. However in virtualbox after the initial install I didn't see what to do so that it doesn't keep going to the installer each time? Do I have to do something to the bootloader or hard drive? I'm using virtualbox on a AMD Phenom II X6 desktop. If you need my specs let me know.

Alex Sanches

19.04.2015 19:29:23
thanks alot!!! worked just find had a luil trouble here and there but it work. after i installed it tho i tried optimizing it and i get an this erro :This operation cannot proceed because your Mac OS guest is using the CD/DVD.

Dismiss this message, eject the disc from inside the guest, then retry this operation. ii gues the reall question is how can i eject the previous mount.

Chaz Peloquin

31.12.2014 21:58:23
isnt Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks you chosse for vmware player. it just he forget add 10.10


24.02.2015 21:50:55


30.12.2014 18:52:34
Does it matter how much memory size i give it? If so please tell me how much

LNTech Addiction

19.02.2015 20:08:12
virtual box: I can't get past typing -v, as soon as I do, it immediately gives an error, and asks to shut down or ignore.

Ounce of Tech

09.03.2015 19:15:55
I installed it in vmware and i get no sound?

Rahul Raj

15.03.2015 9:07:57
VMware player during setup which operating system will be installed on this virtual machine I don't have mac os select button

Doruk Nak

13.07.2015 14:30:54
You said my computer will not use internet so it means when i use the os x i will not able to connect to the internet?

Diyan Slavov

22.03.2015 12:50:58
I'm using Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite on VMware Workstation. I'm not sure why the Ctrl button from Windows keyboard doesn't match the Command button in Yosemite. All other buttons works properly I believe. So, please advise how to make Copy and Paste in that case? Thanks

Jennifer Moore

08.04.2015 16:30:39
WOW! That's awesome! I will give a try to it soon :) 
By the way, really like the starting music, Can u please share the song details ? Name, composer  ? Thanks in advance :)


24.03.2015 8:51:38
Good effort

Julio César López González

31.03.2015 2:01:22
Hello, I'm booting with -v and I'm stuck at "Ack PM done". I'm running on VirtualBox, PC Lenovo E440 with Windows 8.1 and Core i3. Thanks.

Tyler Keylost (Abandoned)

01.05.2015 1:11:00
So I tried to set this up but when I got to the login screen, the only user is known as "Other". There seems to be a username and password to log in but I don't have a bloody clue what it could be. Here are some screenshots.

Raphael Hery

20.01.2015 4:17:19
nobody know how to solve the freeze at ack pm done ?



30.12.2014 5:15:32
im stuck on  

Wael El-Refaey

25.12.2014 0:10:02
great work , but still no internet connection through 

Роман Болгарчук

17.03.2015 6:04:52
Что лучше VirtualBox или  VMware? Где больше функций?  VirtualBox - бесплатный, но постоянно выдает ошибки. А с портативной версией VMware я пока не разобрался. Стоит ли пробовать?


29.12.2014 20:28:40

I wanted to know the best way to install OS X Yosemite on my computer. I want to know which way will have the fastest and the best ? VirtualBox? something else?

I have a Razer Blade 14" 2014 with 512GB SSD, if that helps in the decision.


Tawanda Bokosha

14.04.2015 7:34:48
mine is running okay but there's no ?

Blanca Huergo

01.05.2015 9:19:24
My 'VM stops at VM Swap Subsystem is ON' and does not continue. Any idea of what is happening? Please, URGENT!

someone playsmc

22.12.2014 22:58:50
did you extract all of them or just the first

Jacqueline Marfil

30.05.2015 20:36:43


24.12.2014 15:09:00
I'm stuck in Virtualbox, I've booted with -v and it stucks in "VM Swap Subsystem is ON". Could you help me?

Klaus Montkau

24.12.2014 13:06:18
Great work ! Installation works as described on VirtualBox. Unfortunately I got NO SOUND ...

My system (installed 2010):

Mainboard: Asus P7 P55D-E
Processor: Intel I7-860
Grapics: ATI Radeon 5770
OS: Windows 7
Virt.-SW: VirtualBox

Do you have any ideas ?


29.12.2014 20:14:24
Finally, I have found one that works! Thank you so much!!!!

Rahul Raj

15.03.2015 9:39:49
in virtual box VT-x/AMD-V hardware acceleration is not available on your system. Certain guests () require this feature and will fail to boot without it.

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