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Learn the MAC In Under 90 Minutes 2015 Yosemite Edition

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David A. Cox
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The 5 Things New Mac Owners Should Install!
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10 Things you didn't know your Mac could do.
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Yosemite Full Tutorial LIVE!
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Welcome to your first Mac / Apple computer
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Just get your first Mac? This tutorial is perfect if you just bought your first Apple Computer or need to brush up on the basics. David A. Cox is a technology teacher and in this video he'll show you everything you need to get started. Topics include Finder, Setting Finder Preferences, the Dock, the Apple Menu, Hot Keys, and more.

2TB Time Capsule: http://bit.ly/1EnNaQC
Apple Airport Extreme: http://bit.ly/1Ehud3x
Microsoft Office 2011 Edition: http://bit.ly/1FZkwE2
VLC: http://videolan.org/vlc/index.html
Flash: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/
Magic Window: http://bit.ly/timelapseiscool
Evernote: http://evernote.com
Adware Medic: http://adwaremedic.com
Cyberpower Battery Backup: http://bit.ly/1BJqnhL
Brother Laser Printer: http://bit.ly/1DNXsFW

David A. Cox is a professional technology teacher who specializes in Apple/Mac products. PC Classes Online offers both LIVE and pre-recorded classes for FREE!!! So if you want to learn how to better use your Mac, iPad, iPhone, PC, or other web technologies, you've found the right place!

Our goal is to offer a stellar education that you can get for free right here on YouTube. When you take David's classes you'll immediately see his passion. He loves this stuff!

PC Classes Online was featured on the ABC show "Shark Tank." The Sharks decided not to make an offer, but we're really glad they passed!

Look for our new video tutorials every Wednesday and Saturday which is ALSO when we teach our LIVE classes. For more information visit our website at http://PCClassesOnline.com
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Text Comments (525)
(1 month ago)
When does he talk about the time lapse background? 
Eugene Weston (3 months ago)
This is my 3rd class I've watched so far. I consider myself an intermediate
to advanced Mac user and I find these classes very informative, packed with
loads of useful info & tips and very well presented. I will highly
recommend these to friends & family.
Danielle Roberts (1 month ago)
I'm a lifetime Windows user, and my cheap Win 7 laptop I bought a few years
ago started dying a few months back. I shopped obsessively looking for a
higher quality Win 8.1 machine, but they all seemed to have issues I wasn't
okay with. I didn't want a $1,000 paperweight, so I reluctantly made the
jump over to a Macbook Pro w/retina display. Just over the last few days,
I've been able to see what I've been missing out on, and I'm excited to
learn more about this beautiful machine. Thank you so much for posting
this video and helping me transition from Win to Mac!! It was very helpful
for learning some important basics, and it flowed very well compared to
other videos out there I've tried to watch!
Daniel55645 (1 month ago)
awesome video, thanks. looking at getting my 1st mac here soon. wanted one
forever but didn't want to spend the money. Now i need a new computer, and
theres no way in hell i'm going to that shitball storm they call windows 8.
Ben Bensen (23 days ago)
Thanks Dave, it was well worth the time.
David A. Cox (4 months ago)
Norm Gregory (4 months ago)
Bad advice on batteries! The old rules don't apply to these modern
batteries . . . On average these batteries last about 5,000 cycles . . a
cycle is going from 100% to 0% and back to hundred percent. If you are
not plugged and the battery goes down 50% and you plug it back in to get up
to hundred percent . . . that's like a half a cycle. So you want to keep
your iPad and/or your notebook plugged in as often as you can so the
battery doesn't run down. 
Macboogieland (25 days ago)
ok couple of questions. why is it that at this point you recommend safari
over chrome? and second, you know how in windows if you had multiple (for
example) chrome windows (not tabs) open, and you could toggle between those
with control+tab? when i do command+tab on a mac, it jumps to different
programs, it cant jump to different windows from the same program. is there
anyway around this?
and thanks for this video, i learned a lot
Hmoen (2 months ago)
Don't upgrade it sucks, Yosemite is Mac's VISTA.
Nizam jabbar (24 days ago)
How to open downloaded apps in itunes in mac (yosemite osx) . Pls reply
Usman Malik (2 months ago)
good one.
your video really help me. i never watch full lecture like this before...i
did yours :).
some thing i want to know
what is the delete button?
what is close button? i open notes the other day and i couldn't find the
close button?
can i check for how long battery was running?
so as you say you shut down very less your computer so should i always
sleep my computer and whenever i need like after 1 or 2 days i just start
using it or its better to shut down?
can i change icons of safari and other applications?
i have install Kaspersky antivirus cus i already bough it. is it ok if i
have it or you recommend me to uninstall it?
thank you
Flex Flakus (5 days ago)
basically Mac for dummies (everyone who uses mac) :P
Sebastien Oaks (3 days ago)
This is completely off topic but I was wondering if you could please do a
video on Scrivener. I'm only asking because all of your videos are beyond
helpful and I learn so much from them.
James Swansburg (19 days ago)
Getting a Mac to work with Meteor.js! Now to learn Macs.
B Graham (7 days ago)
Once I did the Finder Preferences, General and Sidebar, I closed them and
went back to Finder in the lower left corner. It opened again only showing
the right side of what the image at 5:12 shows. No listing of Favorites,
Devices, Tags which should be showing on the left side. Grrrr...
Matt Buaas (1 day ago)
get a mac pro for like 200$ on ebay. :D
Martin grant (2 months ago)
Hi David, ... When around the time 5.11 you state that after setting up
finder preferences correctly it should look like this! (My iMac version
10.10.1 was bought from a friend) it looks almost the same except where
your opened window shows to the far left a list of Favourites from top to
bottom, iCloud Drive
Desktop etc with documents below this then downloads each with a picture
representing it, the a list of devices then the word tags. On the right of
this list of categories is Name & like your window shows applications below
which is desktop etc. my point that I am probably labouring is that I don't
have that left list favourites, devices, tags & also when I do press the
applications on the right nothing appears. I can get the applications in
the Launchpad, but not here! Thank you for any help you can give! 
Vladimír Petija (3 months ago)
Going to buy a mac mini next year. I like your classes. Subscribing. Cheers
from Slovakia :)
Washington luis (3 months ago)
hi got a question my safari icon has ben gone and a can only see a ? on its
place try to open but nothing happens . if i press and hold the magic mouse
only give option to delete from desktop or show recent . please if you know
let me know thanks . great video .
Megan Loggins (3 months ago)
I received a MacBook Pro for xmas and was so excited but also intimidated!
My first go to was youtube and after watching 3 "eh" tutorials, came across
yours. AH-MAZ-ING!!!! Ive watched 3 and have bookmarked PC classes online.
Thank you for your wonderful, easy to understand, classes!!!! Im not a
reviewer but i felt compelled to say thank you! day 2 mac user and already
a pro!! woo hoo!!!!
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