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Mass Effect 3, Traynor Romance (HD)

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Date: 14.03.2012 3:11:09

Specialist Traynor romance.

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Mass Effect 3, Traynor Romance (HD)


30.12.2014 22:19:56
Why are people bitching about two women being in love when the obvious problem is the fact that they're trying to have sex in a show while one of them is wearing heels and a tight dress and the other is wearing her freaking underwear. 

Kevin Walter

06.05.2015 6:02:35
"I'll never get naked in your shower!
I promise, I'll always wear my clothes!
I'll only get naked in my shower, behind closed doors!
I'll never get !"


25.03.2015 23:28:54
I am disappointed that in Bioware for this !?!?!?!

Anthony L. Nolan

04.07.2015 22:44:36
This is a fucking game peoples!!!! You mother fucker need to get out and socialize.


12.12.2014 23:33:39
The clothes ahhh whyyyy

Nigredo Kukai

29.03.2015 18:48:09
Wow! Your female Shep is a hottie.


11.05.2015 5:22:38
I was forced to jack off to this. Very awkward when my wife caught me.

Artorias of the Abyss

08.08.2014 0:11:55
It's not nearly as fun as playing with actual pizzas.


16.03.2014 15:15:36
My big disappointment was finding out you could'nt romance EDI :(

Sam “Deez Nutz” Vegas

28.09.2014 21:45:35
Maybe she just wanted be extra naughty and get her dress wet to have a non sexual reason to take her clothes off after the door closes.


23.10.2014 3:32:57

Jack Madaj

15.08.2014 4:08:59
Mass Effect 3-Traynor has a sex scene, Miranda has a sex scene, Liara has a sex scene, Ashley has a sex 'S??!!!

Joachim S.

18.11.2014 20:01:41


22.11.2013 13:25:09
This is so PG. Who showers with clothes on? They could have at least gone as far as they did in ME1 with actual nudity.

Hermaeus Mora

31.10.2014 19:43:48
Whoooo soft core porno FUCK YEAH!

Ryu Ga Metal Gear Gotoku Solid oppa

03.08.2014 4:25:00
That is a sweet relationship


22.02.2014 11:45:53
"Everything is going according to plan." :))))))


14.02.2014 21:52:55
imagine having to animate that at your job :0 

Garrett Miller

23.07.2014 1:38:21
their faces in this game cracks me up those eyes when she walks in are those of a hawk and its prey


19.07.2014 6:42:17
She;? Wow Bioware. It's a twin pair of tits. Jeez.

Abana nado

17.12.2014 21:25:15
Huuum so she takes off the bottom parts but take a shower with a bra? ahah

Maria Gonzalez

29.07.2014 8:33:50
we need to stop using words as gay or homosexual, we are just people and we are all different from each , they just accept it as it is, two person giving love/pleasure to each other and is none of anyone else ? please, angry people looking for something to put their frustrations on, humanity is still lost, too unevolved


10.05.2014 23:29:34
Wow, do these vids exist without the religious/homophobic people spreading hate in the comment section?


23.10.2014 11:32:08
I think the gay and lesbian stuff is silly since most of the players are guys dreaming of sex with girls but like watching the lesbians stuff as a turn on. probably 3 lesbians in the world played and finished this game and 4 gay guys.

E Lle

20.09.2014 13:45:22
your shepard is ugly as fuck, dipshit


06.07.2014 0:09:32

Aaron Richards

12.01.2014 10:59:50
Mass Effect 1 was the only game with actual nudity.

America is literally the only industrialized nation in the world where as a producer you can only get away with nudity if you are doing a porn shoot and nothing else, or you will spark debates in news channels all over the country. Not like this in Europe or Japan, lol.

Sadly even though this is a Canadian game they dont have that freedom.


28.03.2014 23:45:50
Ah yes, the Traynor shower scene. Never romanced her, my Shepard dont swing that way but they could have done this way better. I mean the game is rated mature and even says Nudity so why the hell would u censor it? They could have done this steamy shower romance where you almost see privates and maybe some side boob thru cloudy mist. This is the asinine crap I hate in video games if ure gonna attempt some thing, dont half ass it or just dont bother. 


21.03.2014 5:00:23
Call me a bigot 't like the idea of "STRICTLY" homosexual romance options. I'd much rather have every male and/or female npc character be "ACCESSIBLE" by both genders of Shepherd than this :/

HarDSample RU

10.12.2013 8:01:43
Cortes and the way the video is in the same spirit, I still want to enjoy something like that))

Chip Roberts

07.11.2013 4:53:56
When Liara found out, she was pissed.  Conversely, when I slept with Allers as male Shepard, Liara couldn't care less.


28.04.2014 17:58:09
This is just really awkward, I'm glad I never explored this option on my playthrough. 

HarDSample RU

10.12.2013 7:56:59
wow cool scene and then what Shepard straight Barbie)))


07.03.2014 5:58:59
Damn, Shepard looks like an emo slut.

Some Random Gamer Named Austin

15.06.2014 3:52:20
I'm pretty sure Traynor is only into women instead of men since my Shepard wasn't really that interesting for her, so I just had a chess game instead of shower scene. And my Shepard lost the chess game sadly and yet he can destroy Atlus machines and kill thousands of enemies.


05.03.2014 10:52:14
homosexualism is weird and unnatural. sorry. of course many were tought it's ok but yet it is not. and I'm not to praise deviations being shown as a part of "art" of any kind.


27.05.2013 3:14:54
is it seriously that big of a deal for there to be nudity in a video game? i mean, to the point that the character is showering in a bra? it just seems stupider to have that than for there to be nudity (with a point) in the game. Its not as if sex is being presented as depraved or fucked up ?


08.03.2013 7:29:33
man mass effect 3 doesnt discriminate but why the fuck dont we get to romance aria -_-


20.01.2013 18:08:10
Why the fuck would you get your clothes wet just for that? I'd rather go in naked and go right to it rather than have to wait the next several hours for my clothes to dry.


22.06.2013 6:29:43
not saying its not sexy just wondering why she didnt take them off before she got in. I know the censorship thing but come on


21.07.2013 6:08:19
don't worry they will

Im DeadPool

13.02.2013 4:42:48
so i SHOULD buy this game


08.02.2013 22:07:48
FemShep looks like a cheap hooker!

Conker Callis

08.01.2013 0:24:02

Crystal santiago

23.09.2013 13:53:26
i was thinking about thewhole romance thing, then i saw she showers wearing her underwear. WTF bioware, WTF

José Rafael Ramos Real

07.08.2013 9:18:35
Where the fuck do they get the water??????????


29.11.2012 22:31:14
I don't think the game was supposed to make you


21.05.2013 12:59:49
*spoiler* hey atleast you'll get a big fat kiss from her in the omega dlc (if youre renegade!) tip: she loves kissing women more then men xD

Luke Seiner

22.05.2013 6:31:42
I played chess on my femshep


10.01.2013 4:31:21
I would love to see it. If I had a PC copy I would try to do it myself. >_<


28.01.2013 3:56:14
who needs nudity when you have sam's and shep's voice actresses going on and on about random topics

Table Knights Entertainment

29.04.2013 17:43:40
and characters in books are not realy either but there are plenty of speculations on them and the different things that can happen to them they are not simply lines of code they are stories that we carry with us and while i may sound gushy aout a game its cause this is a saga not simply a game


21.05.2013 19:11:15
i know >_< haha just wished they gave us more than that


26.02.2013 0:33:04
Well you don't have to be anti homo to not like the idea of a gay


29.04.2013 5:12:08
Sheppard is like halos master chief. they are a shell a customizable shell. Sheppard is the digital embodiment of the player, if the player does not play as a homosexual sheppard than homosexual sheppard does not exist, since sheppard is just lines of code no matter how you play sheppard is not real.

Reese Patrick

14.06.2013 13:49:00
that ain't no party with out a sau-sage, more like two wet pancakes. gotta have meat with ya break-fast


28.06.2013 22:46:27
i can only imagine how awkward it must have been for the cinematic crew to put all these romance scenes together lol

Ian Goedert.

17.05.2013 23:27:41
There's actually only 2 bi partners and 2 gay partners in the game. One for male and female.


29.11.2012 22:34:14
Play the second. Play. The. Second. It's by far the best.


25.04.2013 6:54:44
Scissor me timbers! D:


12.12.2012 9:35:33
Omg lesbian


08.01.2013 23:54:08
Come on now that's just not appropriate at all, there are clothes still present in the room.


01.12.2012 9:02:05
It's called fanservice and eye candy. I mean wouldn't you rather see something you have spent time on and molded do this than some random sex video ? Sure its crappy 3d, textures with horrible animation but still a reward is a reward. That achievements bullshit is just annoying, some random numbers that do not mean anything


27.02.2013 14:07:20
You can't just suddenly find out that "OMG SHEPARD IS GAY I DIDN'T KNOW THIS DERP". It's a fucking choice in the game, it's completely optional.


20.07.2013 17:05:16
I wonder if Bioware will pussy out with the nudity in the next game.


26.04.2013 16:52:02
Coming to this shower in dress limits sexiness of this scene.


22.10.2013 20:52:03

DeadlyANI .

02.09.2013 23:45:27
I agree ._.


27.02.2013 17:58:53
Damnnnn why i didnt know these sooner when i was playing Mass effect 3 xd


29.11.2012 22:35:15
If you're a homophobic jew as your account name says you are, why are you watching two girls having (albeit slightly weird) sex?


25.07.2013 6:14:34
I just wonder how awkward that scene would've been if Traynor wasn't into Shepherd at all and instead later on you found her with Liara or another unnamed NPC on the Citadel.


10.10.2013 3:05:35
The Traynor character is attracted to females only. If not romanced, she's in the incidentals hitting on the reporter. Also in the incidentals, when Ken expresses an attraction to Traynor, Gabby cuts him off explaining she may have a chance with Traynor than he would.


19.05.2013 23:23:25


17.06.2013 5:30:51
Hey nick its harris


28.11.2012 1:56:03


22.06.2013 20:51:48


25.06.2013 23:43:22
Scissor me timbers


10.06.2013 16:19:09
I bet Mordin would have something to say about

alex hutchings

15.05.2013 0:59:37
shepard looked so awkward in that dress xD


20.06.2013 0:44:00
How come nobody is questioning why traynor is wearing her bra and underwear in the shower

Eric Beshears

19.05.2013 16:20:18
The Westboro Baptists church says god sent the reapers


31.12.2012 1:22:49
Sure ill just jump in with MY DRESS ON. lift that leg bitch, im gonna dry hump you into next week.

casey gamble

25.07.2013 4:05:08
y don't ever get to do this as a male i hate this know i got to go all the way back to the fucking start to see this shit.


05.08.2013 6:59:23
traynor is no matter what, everyone else, debateable


26.02.2013 3:10:12
If you dislike gay Sheperd simply because he or she is gay then yes you are anti gay

Odessa Croft

26.11.2012 14:36:17
I agree with


30.05.2013 13:39:34
during the romance scene that they have in the citadel *well ONE of the traynor romances* femshep and traynor talk about how they had sex *well closest you can get to sex if you are lesbian* wearing their clothes in the shower :P


21.04.2013 14:30:05
"im gonna non-penetrative sex you into next week" just doesnt have the same ring to it though aye. :p


28.11.2012 11:21:51

Adolf Hitler

19.12.2012 16:09:53
the lesbians clearly

Lucas Ryan

31.05.2013 12:10:55
Oh god, Spoiler Warning was right, this has got to be one of the most awkwardly animated love scenes ever..


06.01.2013 21:43:58
Is there a video of that?


01.08.2013 0:12:39
*Shepard enters* Traynor: What!? No! I was talking about Liara! Shepard: Oh. I should go.


24.11.2012 6:51:32
it is so gay


02.03.2013 21:49:45
Ok forget I said that I wouldn't like them as much anymore. That was a poor choice of words on my part. I mean that the news would come as a big shock and you may not like that news. But that doesn't make you anti gay. It's like, lets say you are about to hear if your friend is gay or not and you are hoping that he is not. That wouldn't really make you anti-gay. It doesn't mean you hate gay 't have too.


02.02.2013 21:39:01


26.08.2013 20:57:37
all you get is a kiss lol no full on romance


11.04.2013 18:42:32
Supporting traditional marriage is not discrimination. Disagreeing with the above statement is manipulative, and rather anti-liberal.


05.06.2013 20:50:56
Miranda is still the hottest girl in ME :)


10.01.2013 13:52:39
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