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Run Android 5.0.2 Lollipop L On PC ( Windows ) Without Using Virtual Machine App

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This Epic Tutorial Showing You How To Run Original Android 5.0 Lollipop Source Code On Your PC Without Even Using The Slow Virtual Machine Apps That Makes The System Slow And Buggy .

First Download This Files :


Download Links :

Link 1 : Unet Bootin App : ( http://adf.ly/v1W5c ).


Link 2 : New Version Android 5.0.2 Lollipop ISO File :

- Google Drive Link : ( http://sh.st/ouYyK ).

- Media Fire Link : ( http://sh.st/oP5ZG ).

- Other Link If Google Drive Link Didn't Work : ( http://adf.ly/vY9Q5 ).


Links For Android 5.0 ISO Old Version :

- Google Drive Link : ( http://adf.ly/v1WGp ).

- Media Fire Link : ( http://adf.ly/v1kpm ).


Installation Steps :

1- Extract The Zip File From Download Link (1) 1:18

2- You Need Flash Drive With 1 GB Minimum Size .Plug Your Flash Drive To The PC. 1:23

3- Open Unet Bootin App The One You Download it From Link 1 . 1:41

4- Chose "Disk Image" Option To Select The "Android 5.0" ISO File The One You Download It From Link ( 2 ) . 1:47

5- Select Your Flash Drive To Copy The Boot Files From The Android 5.0 ISO File & Then Click On "OK" & Now Unet Bootin Should Create Your Bootable Flash Drive With Android 5.0 System On It. 1:56

6- Restart Your PC & Boot From Your Flash Drive As Shown In The Video 2:20 .

7- Chose First Option To Run Android 5.0 As You Can See 3:00


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Text Comments (285)
Max Patchs
(25 days ago)
New Version Is Here Android 5.0.2 ISO Download Link ( http://sh.st/ouYyK )
Michelet Dickenson (15 days ago)
Awesome... A computer gets the update before me D:
Luan Schmitz Guimarães (23 days ago)
Ninguém afim de instalar o lollipop no PC?

Run Android 5.0.2 Lollipop L On PC ( Windows ) Wi…:
MrArtnada (3 days ago)
I can run this from a USB stick and it runs nice and fast, however, the
screen is "boxed". I have a 42" TV and have my laptop connected to it via

How can I make Android run at 1920x1080? In developer configuration is
seems to be 1386x720 (I think).

Can I get it to boot into screen res of 1920x1080 by default?

Thanks for your video and help.
Daniel Tejeda (22 days ago)
Are you aware of the fact that the android file you provide does not have
google play services (google play store)? 
Gennaro di costanzo (7 days ago)
Required minimal?
PkmnSalamence123 (11 days ago)
How do you get it to save settings and how do you get gapps?
Promit Saha (24 days ago)
Is it possible to use two USBs? One to out ISO in and another to install it
to. So the USB I install it to will keep everything I do. 
Matthew James Pitsicalis (22 days ago)
this song isnt right
Vũ Quốc Phong (2 days ago)
guys, I don't know what happened,
my "android on PC" can't start.
it always shows the sreen(on starting)
i wait for a long time but to no vail
Wasif Khan (8 days ago)
I manged to install Android L successfully on my system.
But the problem is none of Gapps is running, while the rest of the apps are
running fine.

I tried many things in order to install apps through ADB but was
unsuccessful. Can you guide me wher to put .apk file such that I can
install it in the terminal thats comes when Alt+F1 is being press?

An other thing I would like to ask how to install .apk in the SD card?
Muhammad Jagani (4 days ago)
U ran the live installation thats saves none of the games or data. Is there
a way to run android system as one run windows side by side. example when
using Windows, reboot system log onto windows or reboot and use android?
Tarek Monjed Ajouka (14 days ago)
how can i install apps in it .. and how can k make a storage fot it??
Omar Hendi (18 days ago)
plz can u help me ?!?
i tried 4.4.2-r1 version
during running suddenly freezes and most applications not working
thnx for this video
Fammas Maz (5 days ago)
Hello, first of all thanks a lot for sharing. Can you please tell me what
pcs will be able to run thi s android, i have a dell inspiron 1720.
Also will all my settings and apps be saved once i powered of android
Abhi Yadav (11 days ago)
it succesfully installs on my pc core i7 nvidia gtx 680
but when it starts instead of android splash screen i get a command line
windows like this one
A N D R O I D root@x86:/#
please help it runs on my laptop perfectly but not on pc
i tried googling alot still no help
Kushal Luitel (11 days ago)
i tried version 5.0.2 but while booting on the black screen says error
loading operating system
Bimal stha (14 days ago)
ethernet cable didn't work why?????
Keerten Keertesh (9 days ago)
how to uninstall it and how can we run windows after running androd 5.0.2
Manikanta Srinivas (25 days ago)
i already know how to do this.but i have a problem.apps are installed,but
not working .unfortunately app has stopped working.
they are running fine in bluestacks and vmware workstation very well.not
even a single app installed does not run.i even tried installing this on
hard disk,but no success.can u help me.U WILL EARN A SUBSCRIBER IF U CAN
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