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Everything Wrong With The Room In 8 Minutes Or Less

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Date: 29.01.2013 16:49:27

Who said we only did "good" movies? We take on the so-called "worst movie ever made": The Room, which several of you have requested. How bad is it? Well, it's so bad, half the Cinema Sins team still hasn't even watched it to this day. We also might have broken the sin counter with this one, but we're looking into getting it fixed. Oh, and this one isn't in HD, obviously. We sort of had to work with what we had, which was something just shy of regular D. Which movie's sins should we recount next? Comment below to suggest one, or Subscribe above to be the first to know what we choose. New films, old films, classic films, beloved ! Next Tuesday: a sins video for a beloved "modern classic." See the sins of The Amazing Spiderman's: ?v=wy-v4c4is-w See the sins of The Avengers': ?v=gYVZjKgoKdg See the sins of The Dark Knight Rises: ?v=j2tE-BCwZtw See the sins of Prometheus: ?v=-BWnTW4rL0U See the sins of The Hunger Games: ?v=pn0LXWaPxnQ See the sins of Looper: ?v=XwDbqhl_p3g See the sins of Avatar: ?v=Fq00mCqBMY8 *Copyrighted content used under the Fair Use exception for review and commentary.

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Everything Wrong With The Room In 8 Minutes Or Less

Ragsy x

01.03.2015 3:23:46
Films that had a lower budget than The Room: Reservoir Dogs, The Blair Witch Project, Trainspotting, Saw, Shaun of the Dead (well, SAME budget!!!) and A Clockwork Orange. Feel free to post more :P

KIGA KnightInGoldenArmor

10.04.2015 1:08:10
Hahaha let's roleplay. You be Sonya Blade and I be a terrible actor


21.04.2015 15:52:56
(Seriously, if you're reading it or planning to read it - and I highly recommend you do if you're even the slightest fascinated with or by The Room and the story behind it - you might want to avoid reading any further)

You want to know the really weird part about this scene? That isn't Tommy Wiseau being oblivious to what he's doing. He actually wrote in the script that Johnny has sex with Lisa's nightgown right before his suicide - and no one in the cast and the crew, aside from Greg Sestero (the actor who plays Mark), knew about it. Needless to say it took them completely by surprise.

Trigger McTriggerson

25.03.2015 3:14:50
Dis mah best

You're tearing me apart, CinemaSins!


11.04.2015 18:15:46
Who else thinks Mark was actually in love with Johnny?

Seriously, Lisa is all like "let's have sex" and Mark's always like "BUT JOHNNY'S MY BEST FRIEND!"

And he talks about Johnny constantly.

And he has a much better relationship with the guy than he does with Lisa.

You know what? This movie should have ended with Mark being all like "Okay Lisa, STOP. I'm gay, I was thinking about Johnny while you were molesting me and I'm stealing your fiancee.", Mark and Johnny being a thing and Lisa getting together with Denny and having a bunch of stuck up perverted babies with him. THERE, problem solved!


13.03.2015 23:29:34
Mark-"This movie can fall of a cliff for all I care, and that's a promise."

Scooby Doge

28.02.2015 9:31:24
what state does this guy live in?

is it-



22.01.2015 17:09:30
You 'm serious, when I was watching the Room it was clear to me that this was Tommy's honest to god attempt at making a serious, emotional heartbreaking drama and to have everyone call it so laughably bad can't be easy for the guy


30.04.2015 7:31:18
I'm surprised you could do it all in one video.

David Dou

31.05.2015 2:43:52

The gun was called Rosebud

Skye Norway

13.05.2015 11:57:21
Somebody did NOT like that movie I see?


03.01.2015 23:31:11
The Room 2: After Johnny's death, Mark changes his mind about Lisa and marries her. Afterwards, Lisa reveals to Mark that she is pregnant but that she doesn't know who the father is. Meanwhile Denny, who is going bald, is kidnapped by Chris-R, who recently escaped from prison. With the help of Michelle and Steve, Mark and Lisa rescue Denny before Chris-R can kill him. Later, Lisa's mom dies from breast cancer. Lisa becomes detached from Mark and soon turns to Denny for emotional support, eventually sleeping with him. However, Denny is revealed to be a creepy serial killer, and nearly succeeds in murdering Lisa before he is apprehended by Mark and that short guy with frosted-tips. Later, Lisa has the baby, which she names Johnny in memory of her late fiance. In a major plot twist, Mark reveals that he is Johnny's brother, and that he engineered the entire affair between Lisa and Johnny knowing full well that it would end in the later's suicide. This was so that Mark could usurp Johnny's position at the bank and make millions. Lisa, enraged, takes the same gun Johnny used to kill himself and shoots Mark in the stomach. With his dying words, Mark says he loves Lisa before passing out from blood loss, lying in the same place Johnny did when he died. Five years later, the baby has grown long black hair and a peculiar French accent, implying that it was Johnny's. 

Stefan Kovacevic

10.06.2015 23:13:06
This honestly looks like one of the worst films ever made.

Seriously the actors should be fucking embarrassed those
Holy crap

The main character, oh my god, what a fucking weirdo.
He is easily the weirdest main character in the history of film.
What the fuck is up with his Voice?!


03.07.2015 7:33:55
6 trillion jews died in the holocaust
"Hahaha What a story Mark"

David Warburton (DavePlays)

10.06.2015 17:41:27
Oh hai mark,

Anyway, how's your sex life?

Ally Gator

16.02.2015 3:59:22
Tommy Wiseau is a fucking terrible actor. Everybody in this movie is fucking horrible.

Jaxson Stewart

12.05.2015 1:10:34
And to quote Rob Dyke "This confused me so much I pee'd "

Corey The Ghost Kid

17.06.2015 12:55:26
Still better than Twilight.


05.07.2015 15:38:51
You forgot one sin. When Johnny is trashing up the room, there were pictures that were falling but one stopped on the camera.


11.06.2015 14:51:24
Anyone else notice that Jeremy seems legitimately ANGRY at this movie?
Not that I blame 


03.07.2015 22:18:12
No one seemed too bothered that Johnny is old enough to be Lisa's dad.


22.06.2015 12:10:55
All these sins were explained in the book

William Friel

09.04.2015 23:01:24
I have a dare for everyone reading this. Name a worse movie than THE ROOM


14.06.2015 13:59:46
The Room = GOAT


19.06.2015 16:11:12

Fay E

28.06.2015 14:51:06
Whats the story ?? I dont get it?

Christian Andersson

02.07.2015 18:39:42
I thought the movie was about 1 hour and 30 mins

Carlos R

11.06.2015 17:04:37
What the hell kind of accent does he have?


30.05.2015 13:56:38
Can you imagine how differently this movie would have gone if Tommy Wiseau had nothing to do with it?

Beanie Weenees

09.07.2015 6:26:31
Everything wrong with this movie in one sentence
The entire movie

Grady Meares (ShadowBlade)

26.06.2015 15:11:45
this got more sins then the Justin Bieber movie


23.06.2015 16:05:08
And the game is freaking amazing :P

BeatlesGamer McCartney

09.07.2015 21:14:31
What the fuck is this?

tim patin

14.07.2015 21:01:19
That random German looking guy in the middle when he fell down looked like dieter from snl.


17.06.2015 17:35:08
This movie was god awful. Really, I as the father of Darkness couldn't take it seriously.
I know low budged and stuff, but can't they at least try to act a bit more before shooting this.
It partly ruined the reputation of the real life people (dead or alive) in such horrid manner >_>;

FelixTheFake mate

06.07.2015 11:52:31
the, most, sins, EVER!

Ceem Play

11.07.2015 12:17:28
move on next question

Ben Wasserman

12.07.2015 21:26:16
A movie so horrible it is beyond words to describe.

And yet everyone must see it at least once in their life

Liren Piyyard

11.07.2015 1:44:28
Trust me, this is not the worst movie ever made. The worst one I'VE come across is Manos: Hands of Fate.


07.07.2015 15:09:38
No no no. This videos all wrong. I can sum up everything wrong with the room with one comment: 

Tommy Wiseau.


28.06.2015 12:44:51
I did not hit her.
I did naaaaaat


09.07.2015 18:06:42


14.07.2015 20:56:44

Francis Dolarhyde

15.07.2015 18:24:06
How can you put everything which is wrong with The Room in only 8 minutes? :D


29.06.2015 14:00:22
"Freudian slip." That is absolute genius.


27.06.2015 16:31:33
In half a year I will be out of university and get into a job. The first thing I will buy is a sweet 4k TV, a PS4 and The Room on 

Raymond “RGF91” Frand

13.06.2015 23:20:26


19.04.2015 16:53:41
Do yourself a favor and watch the johnny mark fight scene on here

Michelle Zacarias

24.06.2015 5:06:30
This should be called "Everything RIGHT with The Room in 8 Minutes or Less" 


Qzaoyd Dare

08.07.2015 4:38:51
This whole movie is terrible but whoever played Johnny is the best actor of the whole god damn movie!!!!!!! 

Rasmus Thyrring

15.07.2015 9:55:29
There are two theories why the sex scene between Lisa and Johnny is similar:

1: the actress only wanted to do the sex scene with Tommy Wiseau once, so they just repeated it.
2: the other way around.
I personally like the latter, because it makes Tommy Wiseau look even more

Also, when Johnny reaches for the box with the gun, the box is open, revealing the gun. He then closes the box only to open it again, revealing the 

Continuum Gamer

30.06.2015 17:41:18
That sin counter. IT'S OVER NINE THOUSANDS!


29.06.2015 1:34:35
if he thinks this is bad

wait till he does



oh hi mark

05.07.2015 6:16:11
You're tearing me apart, CinemaSins!


12.07.2015 8:49:06
I'l be honest
I saw the title of the video
And kind of wanted the narrator to just say "nothing" while doing jazz hands and playong the best clips from the movie


04.07.2015 2:34:01
Money can be used for goods and services! hahaha

Marcy “MarTeeny” Maretti

14.07.2015 3:49:14
Please do "The Loft!"

ryan K

13.07.2015 13:12:25
Johnny sounds mentally retarded.


08.07.2015 4:30:36
This movie is best watched at some local theater where they hand out plastic spoons to everyone and you throw them at the screen everytime you see the spoon portrait.


17.07.2015 18:49:29
If the total is 1,591,985,490 he must really hate this movie ALOT.


08.07.2015 4:13:40
"That's how the Jonestown Massacre started" o my god

Alyssa Brown

01.07.2015 5:55:10
Tommy is the human version of 


11.07.2015 1:47:21
I don't understand.  Who ( and why would) Anyone hire the long haired autistic to play any role,( except maybe Lenny)?  The actors, script, direction and writing are worse than bad sit com.  How could a film such as this end up anywhere except as a "maybe use" for MST3K?  Please someone - explain. (Is he the CA gov bastard son who bought his way into a movie?)

Daikaiju Tony

04.07.2015 2:00:10
Literarily the worst movie in human history.

Taydolf Switler

14.07.2015 21:30:51
"I did not hit her, it's not true, it's bullshit. I did not hit her! Throws water bottle, I did not! ... Oh hi Mark."

The acting in this fucking movie is so top class. Also, what freaking accent does this guy have?

Patrick Powell

13.07.2015 21:08:34
t's absolutely exceptional how far CinemaSins has come! I loved this when it came out but it seems so off and clunky now!


14.07.2015 19:13:13
I'm sorry, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with The Room. 

Brianna Dice

07.07.2015 6:23:26
You missed a hi FYI


09.07.2015 21:10:10
This movie was not sinned enough.


25.06.2015 2:14:23
As far as I am concerned, you can drop off the earth. Thats a promise.


28.06.2015 11:15:55
Hmmmm I guess you really disliked this movie :-) 


06.07.2015 12:34:43


27.04.2015 5:30:02
this movie seems like a mordern day shitty representation of a shakesear play


08.07.2015 18:54:22
6:35 I love that the absurdity just throws his voice off for 2 sins.

faith nasty

12.07.2015 7:40:12
You forgot Lisa's throbbing neck vain, before she starts taking stuff out of the shopping bag

Gustavo Rabelo

26.06.2015 3:25:05
you guys give sins the same way japan stuffs its anime with fan service
calm down man


14.07.2015 17:08:29
does any other movie have a higher sin count than this?


18.07.2015 1:20:35
So, Tommy Wiseau is an alien, right? So many details of his background are fuzzy seemingly even to him (from what I can find) that I would honestly not be surprised if it turned out he came from another planet. Plus, he looks like he's wearing one of those skin-suits from Men in Black.

Son Gohan

23.06.2015 20:18:46
1.5 Billion sins? Fucking 


04.07.2015 20:12:30
If I was multi millionaire I would hire Quentin Tarantino to do a re-write and direct a remake with the original cast.


25.06.2015 8:02:01
You must have really hated this movie xD


30.06.2015 2:37:40
"Don't your breasts have cancer?"



03.07.2015 7:48:37
i think you miss a few, but who is counting by now, ?

Jake Boyden

26.06.2015 23:58:00
Do saving private Ryan 


04.07.2015 18:27:41
1 billion+ sins is now a possibility.

Tyler Gibson

01.07.2015 4:43:40
Oh Hi mark.


05.07.2015 1:13:50
Oh hi mark 


02.07.2015 6:43:01
I just read Greg Sestero's amazing book and Wiseau was incapable of reciting even the simplest of his lines in less than a dozen takes.

Brandon Anderson

15.07.2015 23:38:16
Oh hi mark

Joe Jinman

05.07.2015 2:43:52
The sin count, its over 9000!!!!!!

Pierson ofCatBurglar

08.07.2015 19:48:13
There is nothing wrong with The Room.

the Atheist of Melos

10.07.2015 12:27:30
Do grown adults really stand around throwing balls to each other?
It's not like Johnny is on some kind of football team or something.

They toss around footballs like my friends and I pass around blunts.

Tommy Wisseau's laughing makes me want to punch someone in the mouth.

I'm Awesome

27.06.2015 4:04:29
I did not hit her I did nahtt oh hi mark


14.07.2015 20:13:51
The whole movie.

rubber chicken

07.07.2015 22:43:44
I did naaht watch dah , YouTube.

Exterminate 1

08.07.2015 19:39:43
318 million sins!!! oh shit!


16.07.2015 22:43:32
Best CinemaSins Video by FAAAAAR here these are real jokes instead of nitpicks.. AND THEIR HORRIBLE RUNNIG GAGS.


06.07.2015 23:10:49
Shia surprise


07.07.2015 3:18:47
No Lisa ''I don't wanna talk about it'' bonus round :(

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