Leaked Pictures Of Sunny Leone's Strip Act For A Private PartyVideo blog

Leaked Pictures Of Sunny Leone's Strip Act For A Private Party

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Date: 05.05.2014 10:30:54

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Leaked Pictures Of Sunny Leone's Strip Act For A Private Party

curtis shaw

28.07.2015 21:19:36
Once upon a time, mainstream Bollywood used to be a decent place. Now it's full of prostitutes and porn stars who will do anything for money. Shame on people who are encouraging such low life.

religion-pointless god-good

25.02.2015 18:58:11
she has sucked dick on
do u think she cares about a naked picture? lol

Marshall Patrick

15.08.2015 18:40:28
sunny Leone is a 

Vedic Viki

28.02.2015 14:40:22
She has got lots of plastic in front & back, fake beauty, dirty background & poor acting skills. Such women should never be promoted in bollywood becuz it's a part of the propaganda by NWO to show porn industry as an effective way to get into Hindi film industry, they are deluding fresher females.


19.09.2015 9:20:51
Simi looks like she sucked donkey cock and the balls stayed back in her mouth. I wonder why people are so obsessed about speaking hindi like they just learnt it as a foreign language. We Indians need to have pride in what's ours.


05.09.2015 20:21:50
She is much better than every one of us and our beloved politicians

Practice Makes Perfect Then They Say Nobody Is Perfect So I Stop Practicing

07.09.2015 5:29:38
That's what happens when you stupid people copy everything from America.

Arry A

19.09.2015 14:46:39
I don't understand why people are so obsessed with her life! Say, she actually did that strip dance, then get over it! It's her body and she can do whatever she wants. That Simi lady speaks as if her life gets very affected with what Sunny does!
In India, judgement is the only thing people can get. Move on! It's her life, and people like us or that dork Simi don't have any right to say what she should do with her body and existence!

Hassan Shaheen

24.07.2015 14:03:47
Oh GOD .. seriously ... !? Let others get a chance please. They deserve more.

Zahid Khan

20.09.2015 22:14:06

scoop ahoop

03.09.2015 9:16:02
If you're not good enough to get popularity on your own, the most easiest means to get popular is through staged stunts. ALL PLANNED, SCRIPTED STUNTS. Sadly there are very few artists in Bollywood and most all follow this cheapest and most easiest means of getting Famous and Popular. ARTISTRY IS LEGALLY DEAD IN BOLLYWOOD.


14.09.2015 15:27:59
person can never run away from his past , cross his present and secure his / her
to secure future one has to secure its past ..
it's good that sunny got a second chance in her 

Rohit Singh

26.11.2014 11:30:59
i want to ask you people,what's wrong if somebody had a bad image in past n now wants to improve,should we still keep on criticizing n 't a criminal that you people are criticizing her like that; the lady who is talking shit in the video,i want to ask her one question 'u hate sunny(for what she has done),u should also hate all the hollywood+western actresses because all of em go nude on the screen,so y do we all respect em man,they should also be condemned the same way we accuse sunny'

Mili Sultana

18.09.2015 4:02:08

Santosh Gade

19.08.2015 21:41:21
aanti call sex 9323350533

crazy boy

20.03.2015 8:17:40
Shame on you 

gibu lin

05.02.2015 17:10:44
witch talking to a witch discussing about a bitch

subham guptakgs

18.09.2015 18:13:04
Bla Bla bla bla 

binay kisku

31.08.2015 3:59:15


15.01.2015 16:37:14
Yar Jeyyo Aur Jenedo Us kI LIfe  hai  . and is bicth Ko deko jo interveiw de  de rahi hai Mo  loly pop jisa aur dosro pe  isa comments kar rahi hai 

Mohammad Nasir Ahamed

16.09.2015 19:02:19
hmm nice video

steve evans

19.09.2015 19:27:13



26.05.2015 19:04:20
Yes it is true that she was pornstar so wats wrong with that does people didn't enjoy those videos and if she wants to improve her image then wats the problem and lady speaking in video she is saying once a criminal always a criminal he can't improve it means one who theft two years bak today also he is thefting 

Polok Sarkar

10.07.2015 7:28:31
who the hell is this simmy! i mean come , what is your problem in it..! you cannot reach her success and stardom, so please simmy don't burn! being a pornstar isn't a crime.. and nevertheless you too watched her porn as you said..!! so !! get a life..!! perv!

Stavan Barot

31.05.2015 9:03:55
the guy in the trip club photo looks like larry page!!! but larry would not offer 40 lacs to a stripper because he is a family guy!!!

Rauf Mia

21.09.2015 3:46:47
What is the new it's. She now comes btown.

Aanya Dagar

14.02.2015 23:08:01
Lol look at this woman (SIMI), teri umar ho gayi hai chal ab nikal yahan se

Madi Farid

31.05.2015 11:47:52
Leaked Pictures Of Sunny Leone's Strip Act For A …: 

A Khan

17.08.2015 9:52:35
A typical Indian Prostitute ...

joseph dyer

30.04.2015 15:41:12
A whore always a whore.

Brijesh Yadav

30.07.2015 7:10:11

Sham Hussain

07.09.2015 23:56:30
fuvk sake she is a porn star well paid, off course if shes invited to private party with all the fat cats, why should not she attend, one evening etc she gets paid more money , good on her, , plus india has accepted her ,when wanna dress like a porn star , there all happy excited, an giggling, nothing is mentioned, but when attendes private party, the start takin it to nxt level,
Fuck sake leave her alone its here job,
hope iv not defend anyone if so ,im deeply sorry, P,Sl
admit it shes got the looks the body an the movie's.

prakash Thakur

08.07.2015 17:15:15


07.06.2015 6:45:58
, but why is her naked or semi naked pics a 

Shivaraj Shiv

12.06.2015 9:29:49


08.06.2015 22:06:03
Zoom u 

Alok Kumar

15.09.2015 11:35:37

purvesh Rege

29.05.2015 12:33:02
she is a randi bas and our bollywood is entertaining her wat d fuck

Rabab Fatima

04.06.2015 4:59:21
Sunny leone ko in cheez ke adat par gae hai ab use hm sub ke baton se koi faraq👙 ni parta

manju C

17.09.2015 18:54:57

Dev Pansare

06.07.2015 2:02:12
But I still love you

Dhruv Khurana

18.05.2015 8:18:01
what a BITCH!!!!

Julius Nadar

23.05.2015 9:07:01
what a couple sunny leone and her pimp husband and guys supporting her as if she is going to give everybody a chance to fuck lol

Shatrughnabansode Bansode

20.07.2015 12:59:32

pushkar deopa

16.03.2015 9:37:24
Shame on u SUNY 

Nour Rabi

27.07.2015 20:25:56

vijender kumar

20.02.2015 5:26:49
Two ugly ladies talking so much rubbish, trying to get English accent but it's look fake from their mouth

Eranga Tissera

04.07.2015 15:25:40
That's great 

Rohit Roy

11.04.2015 21:39:42
the host is
 an asshole

Sanjit Barman

06.06.2015 5:58:53
I know that

India HO

15.05.2015 10:39:59
just imagine people are going to see this randi by paying money and milloins are sex worker are having a tough live in red light area. Although she is worst that these sex worker, we should make her to sit in red light area and she she do her business there.

Irene Fernandes

10.08.2015 23:16:22
the show was hosted at Ahmadabad, Gujarat ... private business party I guess in 2013

Dilruba Rahman

26.06.2015 19:31:16
Ease pornstar ko bollywood par ana nahi chaiye tha. Bollywood ko badnam karneke liye sunny Leone jaese badsurat woman ai hai. Actress ho to hema malini. Priti jinta. Rani ???

Nir Kt

05.02.2015 20:12:50
i am not against sunny leone but 10000000000% for

Meena Irani

01.04.2015 20:11:48
U stupid sunny wht u ve to offer only ur dirty body 'll to both of

James McGuyer

03.02.2015 17:36:28
Check out this video on YouTube:

23.03.2015 1:45:30
What's going on in our country today? 
western culture spoiling indian youth

Mandeep Narula

19.06.2015 14:09:56
e bhendiya lori karke gand penda peye

teruo watanabe

20.03.2015 3:53:09

Aslam Khan

16.12.2014 17:39:30
sali sunny'.. ki bahut hotspod par dekho kitni bulu video hai aapko malum ho jayegaa

saad syed

05.05.2015 21:41:15
Y the fuck is zoom
Talking about a damn
Is so

Devesh Chaudhary

17.10.2014 12:17:38
Simmi: NO OFFENSE MEANT, but look at your face, you look more of a prostitute than Sunny Leone could ever look(eventually, she doesn't look like one - but you still look like). At lest she accept what she did in past. Do you have guts?! If not, shut the fuck up.

Firoz Nazir

23.02.2015 19:15:20
I fuck your news

Priyanka Salvi

22.05.2015 5:45:42
Why u people r so much behind someone who is putting so much effort to change their presence.. shame on u guys !

India HO

15.05.2015 10:37:46
Rohit you are very right. she is a  biggest randi.

riddhijit roy

17.10.2014 7:05:59
fake accent,bad nose job,slutty ???

sana sharifi

27.02.2015 17:36:46
Isn't she a porn star?

Goutam Kumar Parui

11.12.2014 8:49:35
to tum logo ka keye agar kiya v hoga
dont talk bullshit..

sweet girl

08.02.2015 5:53:09
simi I think u have serious problem with ur face 

19.08.2014 11:46:20
haha this is so stupid after all the porn she acted in ppl make a big cry about a few pics??  hilarious .  just let her do her thing

robin tamang

20.08.2014 13:02:09
u have no work girls u r more useless than sunny.. dont u have other works except gossip?

Pramo Ku

31.03.2015 18:13:05
dear all identify the truth wester culture is ruining our nation . this is a part of thoughts coming from western countries to destroy our % of european culture  and  preassure to spoil our youth.

Darshini Kaur

01.10.2014 11:18:22
Jealous ugly females lol. Not even in dreams could you even look as pretty as Sunny. And stop faking that accent; not suiting neither of you; ridiculous. 

zafar fx

05.05.2014 11:52:05
ye randi pornstar ko bhagao hamare india se,,,

xfrosth Adnan

15.10.2014 10:28:14
if u consider nudity as to be advancement  and swearing as fashion then to hell with this kind of 21 century ... 
Dont forget ur own culture , dont try to be a western fully , what ever u do u will remain same Indians ... Shame on people who appreciate this kind of women.  ANyway now a days whole India behind shortcuts , every1 wants to come on TV screen whatever its take .. Reality is very dirty which no one will admin but everyone knows truth 

sevfh mnine

05.05.2014 20:42:51

Takeiteasymama Mama

11.11.2014 21:36:47
Mother teresa,  Indira Gandhi, kiran bedi , marie curie, chanda kocchar, prathiba patil, kalpana chawla, mari kom,  /
stop supporting woman like sunny then automatically u wear clothes and rape incidents will be 

ren tv

07.09.2014 17:51:38
this is why Bollywood is so called stupid in promoting stupidity . they show anything which is not real. 

sevfh mnine

05.05.2014 20:42:29
Sunny we don't want to see you in movies. We just are good for one thing "getting fucked" . I just want to watch you in porn movies.


08.05.2014 15:20:06
why are dirty people tend to be famous?

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