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J. Cole Talks Eminem "Diss" (Fire Squad), Illuminati, Racism, Happiness & More

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J. Cole Talked about His New Album and all the Hype behind the song "Fire Squad" which made people think Cole was dissing white people/Eminem and other Rappers. Watch the interview to see what J.Cole Had to say about Money, Success Happiness and Appreciation.
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Text Comments (1466)
Ryan Parkin
(17 days ago)
for eminem to diss this guy all he needs to say is 'who the fucks J. Cole'
thats it.
Danny Stevens (21 days ago)
I love J.Cole but I thought he was better then to say someone is only as
big as they are based off skin colour, I'm white but I like Kendrick and
Eminem equally. I love Ems rawness and I love k.Dot For for his story
telling. Jays as big as Eminem an he's black Em got big because he has
clear talent. Not cause he's white. Besides there's more black people in
the world then white in all fairness so being white isn't an advantage at
Mark Bradley (14 days ago)
I'm pretty sure white people invented the internet, cars, refrigerators,
etc. but do we say black people are guests on the internet? No, that would
be racist as fuck, not to mention retarded. So why are white people guests
in rap?
Subaru Nation (16 days ago)
why does race get involved in everything man? we get it. black people made
hip hop. that doesnt mean any other race isnt allowed to do it, any so what
if they're better than another black artist. does skin color really make
you better or less than someone? people are so caught up in bullshit, it
makes me sick. 
Aleks Pilat (17 days ago)
his McDonalds/capitalism = paid slavery is weak as fuck. He says only
difference is that slaves didn't get paid and mcdonalds employees get paid.
WTF? you can quit your mcdonalds job any time, slaves couldn't just quit.
WTF kind of analogy is that? He says in order for there to be someone at
the top there has to be someone at the bottom? What? McDonalds is working
under market forces, they actually provide their employees with jobs and
productive employment and they provide their customers with very cheaply
priced because they are able to maintain their labor expenses and input
cost very low,that why you can get the 1$ burger and other moderately
cheap/ semi-healthy food. The winners in that transaction are all the
mcdonalds shareholders, all the people who source the food, all the
companies that proved equipment and employment for all the people preparing
the food for delivery to the locations, all the employees who collect a
check from doing work at mcdonalds and at the customer side of the
transaction we get good food for a very cheap price. All sides are better
off. If he has a problem with the monetary system/federal reserve and the
US fiat $ than he needs to address that, but the economic ignorance must
first be overcome. In order to understand the underlying economic problem
don't start by blaming capitalism. If it wasn't for capitalism and
voluntary exchange of goods and services we would still be living in a
state of nature and kill or be killed. Capitalism has actually allowed us
to use the resources around us to improve our condition so we are so
impoverished and having to scavenge and take from one another. 
Pjiggy (1 day ago)
I read some of the comments under this video. I am so sick and tired of the
divisive way White people try shut us up and shame us when we talk about
what America did to us or what we created that White people stole from us.
We have to live the effects of our Ancestry being enslaved and then not
being wanted in this country afterwards every day! You think because black
people aren't slaves today that things are different?! The system that we
live in was designed FROM THE BEGINNING to exclude blacks, so why would
things be better now because we have a black president?! Why do you think
we don't have a right to talk about the things we have to suffer daily from
a system that does not want us?! The constitution wasn't written for black
people. The Bill of Rights Was not written for Black people! We live in a
country that doesn't want to acknowledge that the ONLY reason I'm here, is
because my ancestry was brought here on slave ships! We live in a country
that denies that African soldiers were promised freedom and forty acres and
a mule, a piece of the south if they fought for the north in the Civil War,
and then the North reneged and sold all the land back to the South, leaving
African Soldiers with nothing and forcing them to work for their former
Massa's again! And at a wage so low that they could never pay back their
Massa's for crops and land leased to them that they were owed anyway. We
live in a system that denied Black veterans the same benefits White
veterans received after they came home from World War II! We live in a
country that used Black soldiers as shields and bullet proof vests in
Vietnam as they put them on the front lines and sent them out ahead of the
rest of the infantry. America has taken from black people in EVERY WAY
POSSIBLY and has BARELY given to us anything they owe in return! But when
we complain about it, we're racist, we're victims, we're making excuses,
we're not pulling ourselves up by our own bootstraps. White people, have a
million ways to make black people feel like they have no right to complain
about something they have every right to complain about! But that doesn't
surprise me. They have had hundreds of years of practice to build a massive
and impressive list (albeit extremely nefarious) of reasons that Black
people should be "grateful" to the White man and should not complain.
Cole's right about a lot of the things he says in this interview, but I
believe that black people have to "get out" of their situations as
individuals because one person can slip through the cracks, but an entire
people need to break down the wall, and they are not gonna let us break
down the wall. They got Gatling guns and missiles pointed at you to protect
that wall; and Rottweilers chained to that wall. I don't expect anyone to
read all this. I just needed to vent some frustration.
Ryan Lehane (18 days ago)
His view on capitalism is fucking retarded. For being a college graduate he
doesn't really do a good job of articulating his point, nor does he fully
understand business and capitalism.

Oh no wonder... he's a Comm major -_-
Nick Foreman (22 days ago)
White people support most white rappers. Black people pick and choose.
Thats why whites are "mainstream".
Johnny Scumbag (14 days ago)
Whites made performance poetry, the drum machine and the sampler machine.
So all you dicks talking that "we made hip hop" bullshit. Yes, you
pioneered it but with ingredients made by whites. Also, whites like Bob
Dylan and other spoken word poets were the proto-rappers. Whites can do rap
if they fucking want to, they don't got to ask nobody for shit you racist
fucks. You never see white people saying blacks can't do country, pop, hard
rock, metal, punk, alternative, classical, dance, techno music. You don't
see white people saying blacks can't use our instruments. Damn some of you
are racist and ignorant as fuck, including fucking J Cole. 
Wittymontana (14 days ago)
And a white guy started basketball so whats your point guy.Only in America
where we can make idiots rich and famous. Times have changed and clowns
like this just want to bring up race.If your so fed up with capatalism go
sell your muscic in communist china fucking clown!
Sosoinkedharris85 (24 days ago)
I agree with most of what he saying but some bits just sound like another
black artist using an excuse of saying a white artist is doing better and
dominating there genre just because they are white.Least 50 gave an honest
opinion when he did that interview on em he said unfortunately most people
(black) cant accept that a white person just does it better.Its nothing to
do with em being white why he's sucessfull it's because he's the best at
his craft I'm white and I listen to black and white artists granted I'm a
huge em fan because of the meaning in his songs if he was black and spat
the same content I would still say he's the best because there's meaning to
his lyrics.i feel black artists are on the slide because they all sound the
same rapping about money,clothes,weed,cars,women etc....boring hell
LondonBoy (18 days ago)
when he brang white people doing jazz into jazz being black music... idk
what black people want white people to do? credit black people for making
the music each time they make music? i thought music was an art, started by
which ever colour skin, does it even matter 
Miguel garcia (6 days ago)
White people are all butt hurt for no reason... How exactly is Cole being
racist? Did y'all even watch the interview? 
Deonte Johnson (16 days ago)
Eminem is a savage. J cole is a Lil pussy.... Fin
Jbmjbm21 (16 days ago)
more racist black people mad at white people

Angel Lopez (12 days ago)
hahaha yea let him try to fuck with Eminem if he wants to.
Willie Sims (16 days ago)
I was a huge fan of Eminem when I was a kid and he was my favorite Artist
growing up and I'm actually from Detroit and I think most of the people on
here is right Eminem lost it, in fact he been lost it some of his fame is
given to him because he is white and I don't think he would of been as big
if he was black. Bottom line I couldn't put Em in my top five greatest. Em
is no where near Kendrick anymore or Cole these two are the greatest of
this time.
Stoney Jones (11 days ago)
I am white and rap is my favorite genre of music. Of all the rap I listen
to, at least 95% are African American rappers. I have been laughed at,
ridiculed and looked down upon by many African Americans, Whites, Mexicans,
Asians, etc., in my life because I like to rap and listen to it. Almost
every single person that did have the most problem with me enjoying rap
were African American and seemed to make it a point that because I am white
I can't enjoy rap like them or I can't have fun rapping. Why does
everything have to be based off race? When will society ever stop the race
card? I despise racism and just don't understand why a 20 year old like me
and many other people in this generation are blamed for the actions and
views of racist pricks that died 50, 100, 200 years ago. Hopefully one day
people will stop judging other people off the color of their skin. I know
that racism is alive but it is also alive in every race. White people
aren't the only racists and no race owns a particular thing. To say that
someone can't rap because their white or can't sing country music because
their black is complete and utter bullshit. Live life to the fullest, be
kind to others, and accept people for who they are and what they aspire
for. Why bring race into it and bring people down? Everyone is equal in my
eyes! END RACISM! 
Alek Stamm (4 days ago)
''Let the culture be pushed by something real and not by capitalism.''
That's CLOSET RACISM. This is like listening to that RACIST Lord Jamar.
Don't sell this bullshit to me. The fact is that it is acceptable for a
black person to be a racist nowadays. 
Griffin Ellison (16 days ago)
Not sure why it has to be a white or black thing. We should just be one as
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