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Dragon Age: Inquisition Angry Review

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Top 10 WORST Games of 2014!
Top 10 WORST Games of 2014!
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Top 10 BEST Games of 2014!
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Dragon Age: Inquisition Angry Review
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Demon Joe returns along with the Dragon Age Franchise! Can the third game bring honor and glory back to Thedas? Find out!

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Text Comments (18786)
(1 month ago)
Why the fuck is the gay stuff such a fucking issue? Its in the game, you
dont have to choose it. Its not necessary. Fuck all of you pissy homophobic
morons that dislike this game just because of its choices. What id really
like to know is why people are shitting on this game so much (53 on
DxBIGBOSSxb (1 month ago)
I read the comments section (Bad idea, I know) and I can confirm 4 things.
1.) There are far more homophobic dickheads in the AJSA than I thought who
mistaken "choice" for being "forced" in a same sex relationship. 2.) If Joe
likes a game you don't, he has been "paid off" despite literally no
evidence and tons of videos and twitter posts detailing Joes excitement to
play this game. 3.) Because of the ME3 ending and DA2 being a mediocre
sequel SUDDENLY Bioware is NEVER allowed to make another good game again
and Metacritic user ratings (which are notoriously untrustworthy) on P.C
are what define the game's quality despite evidence proving most of the
votes are from multiple account spamming trolls who have one, maybe two
other reviews on record. 4.) We still live in an age where fat headed,
diabetes ridden, antisocial, basement dweller, dumbass P.C "Master Race"
elitists blame console gamers for every minute optimization issue with
virtually any multiplatform title and stoop low enough to classify them as
sub human "casuals" and "unintelligent COD fanboys" to justify the
companies own lack of optimization.

Bottom line, these people represent the lowest common denominator and are
filling the comment section with their filth like a septic tank does with
hot garbage and shit.

*Edit 1 month later: I thought I would update as I am still getting
messages from people upset over what I said about P.C elitists. Listen, the
"Master Race" is not a true representative of the P.C community, but a
group of A Moral dick heads who find amusement in berating people with
lower incomes or lack the Technical Knowledge to build a p.c. I don't find
it funny, and their attitude is disgusting. If you don't believe me, read
some of the responses I've had from people who just flat out insult me for
essentially calling the gaming equivalent of the Klu Klux Klan a bunch of
Lumpy TopHat (1 month ago)
Dear, Idiotic Homophobes.

You do know that most of romance options are optional? There are as much
gay and bi people who are also interested in RPGs like you. So let them
have as many romance options as the non-gays do. And being offended by gays
is basically the same theme as being offended by African Americans because
they are *different* from *you*. You and your opinions are not the center
of the Universe and are in the end, just useless opinions like this one. So
I think you should just keep your conservative insults to yourselves.
You'll just be an asshole by segregating gays and bi peoples.
Devilz Rox (1 month ago)
I think what a lot of PC people don't realise about console people is this:

1) Most console people are aware that a high-end PC offers a better
gameplay experience. However they don't have a) $2000 for the rig itself
b) room to have a dedicated desk & monitor or c) actually prefer gaming
from the couch - lazy I know but true. Yes I know you can buy a cheap rig,
throw it together with some mediocre parts. But I for one don't miss
tearing frames and the occasional quit to desktop...

2) Consoles are cheaper and their games have a higher re-sale value.

3) Not all console owners have always been die-hard console. Prior to PC,
the old systems like C64 and Amiga may have been their weapon of choice
(they were, after all, affordable and you didn't need to upgrade), even
though people they know at the time may have been more into Genesis/SNES,

4) Not all console owners are COD fanboys. I find it sickening that I may
miss out on things like Elite Dangerous (being an original fan of the
franchise) ever being on console. I appreciate this may never happen.

5) Typical console-ers are their own worst enemy. Fewer unique titles will
ever make it to console now that the world has proved that console gaming
is more for driving/shooting than anything involving - look how the amount
of RTS games on current-gen consoles is effectively zero. Developers blame
this on "complex architecture" but we all know that this is a cop out.

6) I personally look to Steam Box solutions as the best compromise for the
future, but with PC gaming as a whole in decline (which I mourn) and
current iterations of couch-PC gaming replete with problems, it's uncertain
at best.

So PC people, stop hating on console gamers as if we're all fucking COD
wannabes. I can't stand that piece of shit. I just have a small apartment
and don't wanna give up my 50" television so I can have a tiny desk and
chair just to be able to play games. As for console gamers, shut the fuck
up also, most of you probably are COD fanatics anyway, so you've got what
you wanted.
Sky Snow (1 month ago)
If you see a homophobic comment, don't reply to it BECAUSE IT MOVES IT
MORE THAN THE LIKES! If you see another moron spouting some anti-gay bull,
don't reply, you're just helping them!
Marvin L (1 month ago)
wtf is america trying to force homosexuality into every possible corner of
our lives like god damn we get you want to be accepted but chill the fuck
out. Homosexuality should not be in videogames, its a bad example for the
little kids playing.
Arno Dorian (1 month ago)
It really is sickening how many homophobic gamers there are.

People are complaining about the gay/lesbian OPTION in the game (key word
is option). Not only do you not have to do anything with it if you so wish,
but ridiculing it is just pathetic. The world would be a better place if
people were just more accepting, rather than complaining about a persons

This is why people are increasingly going against religion. Because for
many religion is the reason they hold so much prejudice against

EDIT: Seems a lot of people were somehow unaware of this, but there are
religions that are anti-Gay. Look to Christianity and Islam for starters.

Just remember. It has nothing to do with you, so why complain? People
should just be more accepting. This is a truly good game, and it's
sickening to see so many people complain about homosexuality. 
James Burnett (1 month ago)
I don't understand the absolute mind blowing emphasis on having a
homosexual relationship in games like this now-a-days. There are like, so
fucking few gay people actually playing this game in the grand scheme of
things. So instead of more romance options for us straight people (almost
every single consumer) there just HAS to be a gay relationship. Seriously
if Bioware was designing a game built for it's customers/fans/whatever as
opposed to designing a homosexual relationship PURELY because they don't
want to be considered anti-gay (or some shit similar; you know what I mean)
we'd have at least one more straight romance option. And I could have used
a different one; these were "meh" for the most part. I don't care if you're
gay. Has absolutely nothing to do with my life. But please stop bitching
about options because society (in this instance, Bioware) is actually
starting to cater to the wants of a few instead of the wants of many. Just
to avoid bad rep from annoying people who are easily offended or looking
for something to complain about. Because you know there's 100 reasons to
develop another straight relationship and just one unnecessarily large
reason to develop a gay one. Sorry to you gays for wanting development time
relocated to straight relationships, but please know you're in an
incredibly small minority and are being catered to.
Taranova12 (1 month ago)
Sometimes I get the feeling that gamer guys are pissed about gay romances
because on some level they're attracted to those characters but are ashamed
of it and have internalized homophobia. That's not me trying to insult you.
Seriously, just go for it. It doesn't even necessarily mean you're gay or
bi. I'm mostly gay IRL but I do the straight and male/male romances all the
time anyway.
Don't freak out so much. Chill. 
Hamza Al-Muhaisen (1 month ago)
Wow... There are a lot more homophobic people on YouTube than they were 5
years ago... These kids need to grow the fuck up and step out of the closet
and face the world for what it is.
Luke Hector (1 month ago)
Skyrim kicks this game's butt easily.

But I do question the high rating here, Alien Isolation only got an 8
despite that game being awesome and only really have two negative points
about (back-tracking and sequel baiting) which let's face it are so minor
it's barely worth downing the game for. I'd give Alien Isolation a 9

But you mention so many negatives with this game yet give it a 9 (8 for
PC). Sounds a bit too forgiving there, this game has out-dated gaming
console port screaming all over it. All those problems with the PC like
poor graphics, clunky controls and frustrating mechanics with no tooltips
or aids should make this game no more than a 6. 
Batmanick (1 month ago)
I'm not against gay or anything but do they really need it in this game?
Like ok we get it YOU ACCEPT GAYS WOO HOO. Everytime we there was a gay sex
scene in the game it felt out of place and took away from the story. I
don't even mind if they were gay but the sex was over the top. I think sex
in games (Straight or gay) is dumb and it never feels like the game needs
it. Every time 2 male aliens or whatever got busy i always just skipped the
cutscene because its unnecessary and honestly ruined the game a little
Brad Yates (1 month ago)
This game kicks Skyrims ass. Why did you give it a lower score than Skyrim?
Jon Idoncair (1 month ago)
this isn't the first bioware game to have homosexual relationships in it

Mass Effect 1 and 2 you could have a lesbian relationship with Liara and
then in Mass Effect 3 a gay relationship with Kaidan or Cortez

Dragon Age Origins you could have a gay relationship with Zeran or a
lesbian relationship with Leliana, same for Dragon Age 2 with Anders or

so why now, why this game of all them compared to past ones homosexuality
is being such a big deal for it? 
Chowder7116 (1 month ago)
I could care less about gay love in my games. What would really piss me off
is when they start to force it on me. I don't want to see that.
Nerevar22g (1 month ago)
its ironic that game called Inquisition is full of fucking faggot scum,
these things need to die in fire
Salahuddin Mohammed (22 days ago)
Homosexuals and Bisexuals are a disease to society. They should be
executed. They lower society. 63% of Paedophiles are Gay. If I went around
saying I was attracted to Young Children, demanding that society accepts
who I am, I would be arrested. 60 years ago Gays were discriminated
against. Now Paedophiles are discriminated against. Imagine in the next 60
years. Paedophilia would be accepted in society. O' as long as the Young
Children agree to it. They should be stoned to death. End of. And stupid
game developers like this, who want to appeal to more audiences by adding
stupid options shuld be banned. Being gay is a choice and a mental illness.

Gandalf the White (1 month ago)
If you have finished watching the video or you are yet to, then I recommend
discretion when scrolling down to the comment section. It is filled with
the most immature, idealistic, close-minded, homophobic and unforgiving
comments I have ever seen on one of Joe´s reviews, despite his great work
on it and the score he gave to the game. If they are not complaining about
the fact you can have man to man romances without regarding the fact it is
the choice of the players, then they are weeping of how in no possible way
can Bioware create another good game because they are still trapped in the
nostalgia of the past.

Let me tell you a few things complainers. I am a guy who is attracted to
women. I would never in reality turn myself to other side simply because I
am not intersted BUT just because I am not a homo doesn´t mean I am just
about to force people into liking what I like. It is their decition to be
attracted to the person of the same gender and there is nothing logically
wrong with it. This is the world we live in. Live your life and allow
others to live their lives. Grow up already. The only thing that you can
change is yourself, not others. So stop dropping your so called "manly
tears" about this and trying to "convince" people to be like you because
they might never be. And before you religious idealist come flying in
angelic wings and swords of light to purify my "unholliness", don´t you
find it ironic how your God teaches to love, respect and accepting others
how they are but you are doing the entire opposite of it? Oh, the ironies
of beliefs....

TheRelentlessKnight (1 month ago)
not playing this fag ass game.Faggots
AnGEl HisPANo (1 month ago)
I'll pass, I don't like homosexual scenes and I only buy games to try and
imagine that it is me the one in the main role, not the one being gay. So,
no thanks. 
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