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BlackBerry 10 Features Demo - Thorsten Heins & Vivek

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BlackBerry 10 vs Android
RIM's BlackBerry 10 demo
RIM's BlackBerry 10 demo
Philip Goldstein
Thorsten Heins Interview
Thorsten Heins Interview
Chris Parsons
BlackBerry 10 Global Launch Event Keynote
BlackBerry 10 Global Launch Event Keynote
BlackBerry 10 demo video
BlackBerry 10 demo video
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BlackBerry 10 vs Windows Phone 8
Why Blackberry 10.2 is better than iOS 7
Why Blackberry 10.2 is better than iOS 7
J. Williams
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Inside RIM: Participating In What Could Be The Greatest Comeback In Tech History (Extended)
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BlackBerry 10 Sneak Peek
First Look At BlackBerry OS 10
First Look At BlackBerry OS 10
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Everything we have seen so far is so exiting and cant wait to get a device in hand
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Text Comments (89)
Imad Shahanez
(10 months ago)
after using all os ios android and windows on ipad note and lumia 1520
believe me for communication be it email or texting or twitter or face book
Q10 floors everything the straight key typing and the swipe takes it to
another level in the mail while reading press 'r' and you reply press f and
forward the list is endless. if you can get q10 though the camera and apps
selection isnt the greatest
Prasad bharath (10 months ago)
This is great os.but the problem is blackberry devices so far cost very
high. so there was no chance for people to get a taste of this amazing nd
powerful os.Lets hope with blackberry Z3 would bring some user into this os
and hope the os get great support.
Thom Harrison (1 year ago)
It's the extent to which my old Blackberry 9700 crashed, failed to connect
to wifi, lost audio synchronisation on videos, and generally messed up,
that ultimately dissuaded me. They're good phones to receive free through a
business; that is all (and I don't actually know anyone who got one by
Ricardo Sousa (1 year ago)
Badassdahn (1 year ago)
Do i really need all that? Whatever happened to simple call and text? Now i
have to have my entire personal life on mobile internet bad enough my work
life on mobile too. Digital footprints all over the place. COMPLICATED.
JSK (2 years ago)
last time when i used black berry was um.... 5 yrs ago and im not plan to
use bb any more. Why because their hard ware is 10 yrs behind. 2012 model
is still using 650Mhz. If you know how to use android or ios, they can do
what Black berry can do. If you want to see the fact.. BB is less than
1.6% in North American market and they lost 1.2 billion last year. My
thinking is based on the fact not my preference.. like you. Rapid lossing
of share is because they are BEHIND EVERYBODY!
Raphael Boivin (1 year ago)
BBM is already on playbook ---> Blackberry Bridge
New Video Source (2 years ago)
I am not promoting bb just to sell my apps. one person alone can not do
that.you may have had bad experience with the previous bb OS , you are not
alone. but new BB10 has no single line of code from those legacy OS. so
just wait till jan 30 to put out your personal opinions about the NEW OS
Deepak sharma (1 year ago)
Just bought Iphone 5 recently....and BB 10 looks more interesting to me !!
Have to think about it !!
The93Rayman (1 year ago)
it's actually a beta model, the device was made just to run/show-off the
new OS, but actual one is actually pretty awesome, and professional looking.
Julian De Sa (1 year ago)
Blackberry is garbage. Long live apple
AndroidRS (1 year ago)
he even fails at using this peak feature...
Kevin Praditya (1 year ago)
good features but it's a very bad presentation.. and Thorsten, cmon..
you're the CEO,no need to keep interrupting by saying "one thumb" to make
the audiences notice..
Athy Narak (2 years ago)
In my country this phone is popular among high school students, as for
adults/business men, they tend to use either Iphone or Samsung since they
luve to load tons of games and apps, but BB has very fews apps.if you
launch it in the market with high price, I dont think you can come back in
the phone market as before.
Dick Head (2 years ago)
I'm a huge fan of blackberry, but im disapointed by the personalities that
are presenting their new phone. They need to SELL this phone better. They
need to consider the face of their product. At least try to make it cool.
Khanvictize (1 year ago)
Decent but 600? Come on
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