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iPhone 6 Plus vs. BlackBerry Passport - Dogfight!

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Can you compare a BlackBerry with an iPhone? Of course you can! Cam goes over the benefits of both phones and compares their design, display, camera and other features that make each great, and not so great. Which is the best?

Passport specs:
4.5-inch, 1440x1440 LCD display
2.26GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 chip
13MP camera with HDR, OIS
3,450mAh battery
Stereo speakers

iPhone 6 Plus key specs:
5.5-inch, 1080p LCD display
1.4GHz dual-core A8 processor
8MP camera
2,915mAh battery

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Aaron Joshua Turrioni
(1 month ago)
Is it just me or the blackberry passport looks so elegant?
TreeThunder (2 months ago)
+Cam Bunton A fair review, well done. The two devices are so entirely
different in form factor that determining which to go with will obviously
be based on an individual user's very precise needs. For those who work in
big business, the sciences, medicine, engineering, architecture,
construction, graduate - or doctoral students, etc... then I'd say the
Passport is the device to have, at least it's the one I would choose. For
those who live and die by social media, gaming, taking random photos and
videos, watching flicks, or who simply enjoy playing around on a device and
exploring the multitude of apps, then the iPhone 6 Plus is no doubt a great
choice. As for myself, not wanting a 5.5" screen sized device to stick in
my pocket or to walk around with in my hand and because I already have a
relatively large touchscreen device...I'd end up going with the Passport as
my choice between these two...I think I also like the fact that it's
something different. 
Fabian Brown (1 month ago)
I got the BlackBerry Passport. After a week of use, I realised that no
other smart phone will be good enough again. Ever. 
PWNricky (1 month ago)
This is Prolly the worst comparison I have ever seen, I have a passport and
all the negative stuff he said you can fix in options and the apps crash
because your not putting the files in the proper place and a passport won't
bend and in the real world it does every better, this guy needs to do his
home work before making videos, ios 8 is Prolly the worst operating system
on the planet at the moment, blackberry has so much more functionality and
ease of use its not even comparable, on the blackberry u can have every
single app on itunes or android, like I have it on mine at the moment and
they don't crash, just by comparing specs u should realize that the
blackberry is much more efficient in every manner. This was a very
uneducated and bias comparison. 
Brett O'Bryan (19 minutes ago)
Now im still waiting for the passport to come to att here in the United
states..... Hopefully it does come to us carriers. Does o2 have the
Cam Bunton (2 months ago)
Finally finished my Dogfight between the iPhone 6 Plus and BlackBerry
Passport. It's been a hard week, but, got there in the end. Which is your
favorite? iPhone or BBerry?

iPhone 6 Plus vs. BlackBerry Passport - Dogfight!
Anonymous3221 (2 months ago)
Passport is ugly as hell. What gave them the idea to make it a big square
instead of the conventional rectangular shaped phone? One thing for sure is
you'll need to have wide pockets to fit it in. Ios is for the more
simplistic/cazual user. Android is for the more savvy/tech user. Reasons
being, Ios is more locked down to prevent the damaging of the device, I.e
pointing at the fact that android users have to worry more about what would
be considered a "malicious" app. Also, why do you refer to it as spongebob?
Also i must say...NICE REVIEW! :D
Will Frame (2 months ago)
I unsubscribed from PhoneDog shortly after Aaron left, but I just
resubscribed because of Cam. Nice video, Cam. I like your style.
Muyanzi Reid (2 months ago)
Lumia 1520 kills and eats both these weak phones.
Vezir Tonyukuk (1 day ago)
If you love music, games, apps, in short; wanna spend most of your day with
your cellphone, then go for Iphone. However, if u value security and only
wanna use your cellphone for doing business, email, calling, and therefore
be able to spend some time with other things in life like family, friends,
getting some fresh air or whatever, then go for blackberry.
Guido Gaudlitz (18 hours ago)
I' am an attorney at law and recently switched from my iphone 5 S to the
blackberry Q10 (yes!). I purchased the blackberry passport today. I need a
phone to be highly productive and there's really no better way to
communicate with people, have your files and documents with you and share
them instantly with your clients than the blackberry. I need my phone to
have a long battery life as I'm a power user and use it nearly non stop.
For this, all iphones I owned are a sole catastrophe. Perhaps for a
consumer that uses his phone every ten minutes, an iphone fits well. - For
me, a blackberry is still the best phone for people who want to be
productive, share attachments really quick and - last but not least - care
about security. And: a physical keyboard doesn't seem to be chic but so
what? It's by far more economic and typing on glass isn't really an
experience that I appreciate. For everything else, I have my ipad air and
there's where apple excels.
Gerald muise (18 days ago)
Very good review on both, i had BB since 2006 and i only had an issue with
the 9900 once, i had the curves, z10, z30, 9900 and now the Passport,
everybody says BB sucks because they had the older models which in my case
did suck, was slow and had to keep resetting them, but with the BB10
devices i loved them, the passport is amazing, and yes was made for a
particular group , i uses my phone for work not for a toy, but yet the apps
that i had tried with third party worked great, from the Amazon store and i
used APK files for other ones that dont work on my phone it did work, i
used my father iphone 6 and yes it is a good phone but what i found its way
more user friendly on the 6 then BB which is good for kids and old people
:P both machines have very upgraded processors which makes them fast,
iphone 6 has a way better camera but for any BB users try the HDR setting,
i have taken amazing pictures with this setting 
Hamid CA (28 days ago)
I switched from Blackberry bold 9900 to new iphone 6, wow what a
difference, I miss my blackberry, I am not used to this home button, you
have to use it so many times, it is too much. It is two weeks that I have
the iphone6 and I hate the home button, the phone is big, to reach home
button, you have to hold the bottom half of the phone in your hand and you
feel that you are going to drop the phone any time. I am using the gesture
for home button but that is one extra step too. I miss the blackberry red
light notification alert, with Iphone you can easily miss a notification,
If I leave the phone for few minutes then I have to unlock and check for
notification, very annoying. I like the new blackberry multitasking much
better than Iphone multitasking, I think the new blackberry Z10, Z30 ,
passport are much better in multitasking than iphone, having six to eight
apps open same time and just moving in and out of them by gesture and not
using home button, that is the way to go. 
Joshua Kelly (1 month ago)
I never understood why people choose Blackberry strictly for work purposes
when Androids are way more efficient when it comes to performing work
related tasks lol maybe security reasons? Well if someone really wanted to
hack your phone they'd do it regardless of the OS you have.
That Blackberry keyboard is pretty impressive. Easily recommendable for
people who text a lot but hate touch screens and there is a huge market for
that but companies choose to ignore those people. I'd still take Swype over
any keyboard any day but it's nice to have the option for physical
keyboards on high end smartphones especially now when there aren't any out
Logical Reason (13 days ago)
I have to say that while ecosystem definitely goes to iPhone the BB10 OS is
better by far.

Other than not really getting this point across I have to applaud PhoneDog
for not being biased hateful bitches like MOST websites are when reviewing
the Passport. I have a Passport and other than app support (which I
admittedly don't use many) it's BY FAR the best phone I've ever used.
Actually sold my Note 4 to get one and have no regrets!
Vasco Pais Brandão (2 days ago)
A long time after many diferent devices other then bb's (after all the
iPhone's except the 6, 2 galaxy's, many bb's:
8900/9000/9700/9900/9220/9720/z10/q10) I got a Passport. Nothing compares
to it. It another dimension altogether. Congrats on BB for being so "Bold".
Great productivity device with the apps you really use and need. Never
going back. 
Felix Burdusa (3 days ago)
Nobody talks about the security, real multitasking, browser, flash, , and
stability of the SO in BB Passport. These are things you cant find on
iPhone or any other phone out there.
The Trillion Dollar Gods (6 days ago)
The third party apps are being checked for security reason through
blackberry servers. The phone is mainly for business and most apps are
unsecure. They read your email, calendar, can record your phone calls and
etc; without your permission or interaction with most apps. People love
their apps but really do not think of the security of the app until they
have naked photo of themselves on the internet. That is the main reason I
am going "Back to Black" even though my first and last phone from them was
when I was 16 years old. I did not like the small keyboard.This is huge
compared to the days of yore. Even though they still make the classic.
Woofchuck (5 days ago)
I own a Passport and have to say I love the square screen. Clearly not
optimal for widescreen video, but photos are beautiful. I'm a former pro
photographer and remember the allure of the 60 mm X 60 mm format on those
classic dual lens reflex cameras. I think people have lost track of how
wonderful a square aspect ratio can be.

Overall, I think this is a pretty fair review, but I disagree with the
equating of "ecosystem" with "app store content." On an iPhone, maybe
that's the whole story, but BlackBerry has built a fantastic integration
with your home or business network, shared drives, cloud services, and
social media, all within a secure structure, and all designed to play well
with other devices from any maker. (something that Apple fundamentally
opposes). I think any review that fail to discuss how these add to the
overall package does a disservice to the viewers and the mission of
informing them. 
Hildegerd Haugen (10 days ago)
I adore the blackberry, finally some keys.
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