I finally got my Nike shoe deal!!! NBA 2K15 XBOX ONE My Career - 1 / 6

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Boss Life Wavy
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This is the moment I have been waiting for since MyCareer started. In this episode Jackson Ellis finally finalizes my shoe deal with Nike! This video also contains a matchup against the NBA Champion San Antonio Spurs. Check it out! Please like and share this video, it would be much appreciated! -- Watch live at http://www.twitch.tv/bosslifewavy
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Boss Life Wavy
(2 months ago)
If you only simmed 2 games in the 1st year you should be good, just don't
sim anymore games until you get it. If you're playing really good it should
only take between 27 to 35 games in the 2nd season to get the deal.
Rajkimar Harlie (29 days ago)
My shoes won't be equipped what should I do
Air | Pwnage (1 month ago)
I just got my nike shoe deal but for some reason when i load up nba home
and go to shoes theres just a loading symbol and after about 20 seconds it
goes away and i cant go to Nike and the 2k shoe doesnt even show up.
Charles Jones (18 days ago)
+Boss Life Wavy idk why the myplayerstore and mypark wont show up on my
career mode but it only shows the myplayerstore in the options features. I
got my shoe deal and created my shoe but fot some reason it only shows the
2k generic shoes in the home and away section. Im always connected to my
internet I dont know whats the deal
Young Money (1 month ago)
I got my Jordan contract, but still. I can't were any shoes.
KRiZZxTV (7 days ago)
There's no real technique here, just play the game without simming and
you'll get the deal eventually. If you already simmed, it doesn't matter,
keep playing games. 
Alex Fowler (11 days ago)
Why is 2k15 so much better on next gen consoles?
Cmontalvo194 (2 hours ago)
Did you get your sprint b endorsment yet cause I already made my signature
shoes and everything but when I go to put shoes on there's only the 2k tab
not any other shoe tab

Bamtotheface12 (7 days ago)
Why won't my shoes equip I got the Nike deal and when I go to equip and go
to a game they aren't equipped
Davaughn Garrett (1 day ago)
Y the hell I can't get my Nike's for free man I'm signed with them now 
Jahmier10 (1 month ago)
Guys you have to play 48 games as a starter with out swimming any games
Eric Norman (23 days ago)
Not true i have 70% team chemistry. Nd i got the deal it juss take time if
u listen to Ellis he says we choose not da other way around so juss play
every game till u get it im in my second season almsot in playoff 85
overall only thing is i dont kno how to equip my jordans im tight we all
need help this is wicked fuck wat u heard i want my jordens on my feet then
i watch this video nd he sliping his nikes on like nothing i have ps4 2k is
gonna piss me off this is the only game i play right now. Now that i got da
jayo deal i cant even wear the shoe im tired if them old ass shoes from
everyother 2k shit gets old
Drayden45 (4 days ago)
You have a horrible record bruh lol
Julie fuhrman (13 days ago)
how do u get the nikki deal
Kaotic HD (1 month ago)
So far I met Jackson once, got sprint endorsement A, made an all star team,
met pharell and I still don't have it. Anything that I'm missing l?
Eric pollard (5 days ago)
So y'all telling me if you wasn't logged on the Internet shit you have to
do my career shit over again if so fuck this game I got it for sell 
Darryl Anderson (2 months ago)
I talked to Jackson Ellis one time I don't have my park or the store I sim
through a couple of games why haven't I got the Nike or jordan deal yet 
Nicholas Ferguson (2 months ago)
Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I got the Nike Deal, I created my
shoe, I purchased it, but it doesn't ever come up in the Away/Home Menus
Just the Park/Scenes Menu? Any Idea on how i can get it to show up in the
Away/Home Menu? Only One Shoe Pops up on that Menu and Its the Default 2K
Jesus shuttlesworth (16 days ago)
hey man, i cant connect to the 2k server and playing my career offline. any
tips on how to play mycareer online to receive VC? i just got the shoe deal
and cant find where to equip nikes. pls help

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