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Dragon Age Inquisition - Class Build - Tempest Archer Guide!

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Dragon Age Inquisition - Class Build - Tempest Archer Guide!

Check out the video and the quick written guide below!

Tempest flasks combined with Archer skills, Stealth Skills, and a few drops of poison. This build satisfies the desire to pew-pew and shoryuken your way through mobs. And who could pass up that insane Fire Flask + Thousand Cuts combo huh? It's like bar-b-queing cheese. Shit melts real quick!

This guide focuses on how to build your class using a combination of standard skills from the Archery, Subterfuge, and Sabotage skill trees, and new active and passives from the Tempest specialization.

This build has been put together from a fresh respec. With about 15-20 points to place, you can put together a very powerful Tempest Archer that has everything it needs to dominate on the battlefield.


First Blood /
Explosive Shot /
Chain Reaction /
Pincushion /
Full Draw


Poisoned Weapons /
Infected Wounds


Stealth /
Lost in the Shadows /
Evasion /
Evade /
Ambush /
Shadow Strike /
Quick Blade


Flask of Fire /
Unquenchable Flames /
Fury of the Storm /
Thousand Cuts /
Killer's Alchemy /
Flask of Lightning /

Gameplay Tips

Stealth (30 seconds) Poisoned Weapons (10 seconds) Full Draw for the start of a battle, particularly against squishys and they're likely dead. When the backup comes charging, try to take advantage of the remaining time on Poisoned Weapons, and blast them with Explosive Shot to damage and poison the group!

From here, you can either down a Flask of Lightning and continue to pew pew from range, or start moving toward the group, Stealth and Shadow Strike to deal damage and lower cooldowns.

For big groups that just need to die real quick, like 2nd waves of Rift spawns, down the Flask of Fire and immediately activate your focus ability, Thousand Cuts. Thank the maker, you just destroyed your enemies, and it didn't cost you a single tick of your focus power! Beware: activating anything between Flask of Fire and Thousand Cuts may result in you spending your focus!

Another fun combo with Flask of Fire, more for the lulz than anything, Flask of Fire, and then beat the crap out of your target(s) with Shadow Strike repeatedly for the duration of the flask (avg 5 seconds)

Flask of Lightning enables you to basically speed up your attacks by nearly 100% for the next 7 seconds! Fill em full of arrows with basic attacks, or perform combos while your enemies are frozen in time!

Poisoned Weapons + just about any skill is the preferred way to make use of this skill. Poisoned Weapons and just basic attacks? A waste most of the time. Combine it with Full Draw, Explosive Shot, Shadow Strike, or cast it just before the Flask of Fire+Thousand Cuts combo to deal even greater damage!

Keep firing! Pincushion is steady increasing your dps!

Feel free to unlock other active and passives from the Archery and Tempest trees. Keep in mind however, that you can only have 8 skills equipped!

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Text Comments (307)
(12 days ago)
Next Video - Necromancer: Endless Living Pets Trick!
Sunnema (25 days ago)
I remembered when I first got the tempest specialization for my Sera, I
didn't think much of it but when I was playing and I had Sera in my party I
was in a losing battle then Sera (I would guess was the flask of lighting
ability) riddled my enemies with arrows fast as hell and I was like "how
dafuq you do that? lmao
TubA222 (1 month ago)
Disappearing videos much ?? what happened to all the Evil Within vids...
hahaha, they all just vanished from your uploads list... what gives ?
ST4RduZZt (1 month ago)
Flask of Fire working with Thousand Cuts is not intended and a confirmed
bug/oversight as stated in the Bioware forums. Officials said that it will
be patched sooner or later, so the best part about Tempest will be a LOT
(!!!) weaker making Tempest an underwhelming spec imo. But as long as they
don't patch this it's insanely fun (I can 2 shot some dragons with this...).

Interesting build once again, although I disagree with some points, but
maybe that's personal preference? For example, I wouldn't take Shadow
Strike for an archer, but I would always take Leaping Shot for my main,
it's just too good imo.
Yes, the AI can't really handle that skill, but I think it's a must have
for the main character.

Nevertheless it would be interesting to see how you would change the build
once Flask of Fire + Thousand Cuts is patched, because...let's be honest
here, that's why 99% of the people play Tempest, right?
Of course it will still be one of the best focus skills in the game, but it
will not be ridiculously overpowered like it is now.

A good video, as always. Any hints what the next build will be? :)
BoundWithWings (1 month ago)
Noooooooooo I waited so long for the tempest build and then u make it a
tempest ARCHER ;-;
Aiman Dragonborn (21 days ago)
kinetic ma man!! u r d best!! i am playing this game after watching all ur
vids and i must say these are really helpful and informative..helped me a
lot..i am playing as a tempest archer now..but i wana use respec and play
as a dd tempest...can u plzzzzzz make a dd tempest build... i hav seen lots
of people in d comment section also asking for this build...thx :)
AmarideProductions. (1 month ago)
Thanks for the vid man!

Always wondered how to use the Tempest build.

Quick question, how in the world are you shooting 3 arrows at once?

Is that a skill, or a weapon you picked up?

Answers would be appreciated :)
Brendan Kish (1 month ago)
Can you make a video guide for the best party? You have all these awesome
class builds but what are some good class combo's to use? 
Zach Wilson (1 month ago)
This is a really cool build, it definitely makes Sera a great companion to
have. However, I think it may be even more effective as a dual dagger
rogue. (TL;DR: Archery and 1000 cuts don't synergize. Dagger animations are
faster than bow animations)

First, 2 of the hardest hitting abilities in the build are shadow strike
and 1000 cuts (obviously) are close range attacks; this requires you to get
up close to an enemy (kind of the opposite goal of archery). As a dual
dagger rogue your goal is to be flanking the enemy at close range (and in
stealth) for massive damage; the two skills mentioned previously have more
synergy with this fighting style.

Second, while the flask of fire is very effective, its limited time frame
is hurt by the long animations of archery abilities. The dual dagger
abilities seem to have quicker animations allowing more abilities activated
in the 5 seconds of flask of fire.
TooBz2Play (1 month ago)
How do you think the build will change if they get rid of the flask of fire
/ thousand cuts combo?

I heard (from unreliable sources) that this is a confirmed bug that will be
Hellsrazor605 (17 days ago)
Is this patched? My thousand cuts will not activate when I used flask of
D Day (17 days ago)
this still working or been patched? unless of course its intentional in
which case ill be taking advantage of the flask of fire ability 
Seyo (12 hours ago)
How are u shooting 3 arrows?....or is this a Special bow?
Kalcaron (19 days ago)
Does this still work? I don't think it does...
Daniel Dziubanowski (4 days ago)
I always play as dwarven warrior in rpgs, so I did in DA:O, but this time I
think to go with dwarf archer, this class seems so cool in Inquisition.
David Boggs (19 days ago)
Its fixed, this shit don't fucking work.
MarquisSmith (1 month ago)
I'd love to see you cover a Two Handed Champion. I've been testing it a lot
myself lately, re-speccing Blackwall to see how it plays out. Now I'm using
the bearded one more than my main character! It's the perfect blend of
offence and defence. You can either go all out attack, using Champion's
increased guard and momentary invincibility when things get rough, or take
a couple of passives from the Sword and Shield tree and be the party's
heavy hitting tank. 
All Hail Glorious Masterracists (4 days ago)
You have successfully convinced me to never use this specialization Ever.
Unless they patch thousand cut. Then I'll use it immediately. :P
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