Metal Gear Online - New Details: Max Players, Map Size, Dynamic Weather, Game Modes, and More!Video blog

Metal Gear Online - New Details: Max Players, Map Size, Dynamic Weather, Game Modes, and More!

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Date: 21.12.2014 15:04:59

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Metal Gear Online - New Details: Max Players, Map Size, Dynamic Weather, Game Modes, and More!


21.12.2014 15:38:24
I want this game to release. Like right now. This waiting is starting to get really painful.


27.08.2015 2:37:56
YES!! FUCK YES! Alright, I'm pre-ordering.


06.09.2015 1:04:53
Can't Wait just started to like metal gear this year and I'm going back to play them all on my ps vita


22.12.2014 2:11:53
This wait is becoming a phantom pain in my ass!


Jordan Callaham (the super saiyan)

21.12.2014 17:06:02
Metal Gear Online - New Details: Max Players, Map…: 


21.12.2014 16:20:32
I'm so glad I heard about this game in July of this year i cant imagine how painful this has been for some of you bros that have been waiting since like 2012 or 2013 not to mention PC guys out there y'all are waiting closer to the end of 2015 but either way it's gonna be well worth the wait.


21.12.2014 15:35:04
I think it's pretty safe to say that we'll get TPP in the first half of 2015.

A guy asked the guys on Metal Gear online's twitter yesterday 
''Will we be playing MGO before 2016?'' They answered back ''Yes of course!''

The fact that they say that so confidently means that there's no way it's coming out fall 2015. They wouldn't answer if it was then because ''What if it got delayed''

+ It most likely WILL in fact launch after the main TPP.

The Nationalist Athiest

22.12.2014 6:08:11
I never played any generation of MGO, was it ever just a straight up camp fest?? It is a stealth game after all, that has me a little worried when Yong said: "players can stay back and still contribute." I've heard this before with the Recon Class in Battlefield which just means camp at a distance the whole game. That's a problem in my opinion.


21.12.2014 17:37:11
I'm going to be truly suprised if this doesn't win GOTY 2015, I know there's lots of good looking other games out, but none seem to offer as much as this. xD 

ShopperKung TVplay

21.12.2014 15:39:24
cant wait to play but at my point i want some kind of free roam mode like GTAV so i can play in open world with my friend that should be good


22.12.2014 1:15:08
I'm a METAL GEAR SOLID patriot.

cameron taylor

22.12.2014 1:13:04
I really want to have like a co-op free roam option and co-op missions like in PW.


21.12.2014 16:32:54
As much as I am excited for Metal Gear Online, I wouldn't mind them releasing the online a week after release so we can all experience the story mode up front to prevent me from going straight to online. lol

Zen Razor

22.12.2014 10:39:43
Sounds good to me. Looks like they hot MGO3 in good hands I just hope they put back the skills and the animal ranks.


21.12.2014 16:42:00
Hey what's that code in Ground Zeroes you enter for MGSV? Is it transferable I used it for my ps3 but now I have a ps4?

omar uae

21.12.2014 21:43:56
Im really tired . Waiting this game to come out 


29.12.2014 5:23:55
Ok guys let's get this TSNK started, but first; let me take a selfie!

Jens Kidman

28.12.2014 2:18:19
Team Sneaking YES, now they only need to confirm that the matchmaking is by lobbies and i'll be happy.

Hugo Medina

21.12.2014 21:55:25
Hope MGO get released after like GTAV to make everybody play the single 1st!


28.12.2014 22:09:58
After all the time we've been waiting, PLEASE let TPP and MGO3 be absolutely PERFECT with no bugs, issues, nothing at all. Don't rush it

David Lee

21.12.2014 23:00:22
How about they release a beta before the release of the game like they did with mgo2, they could test their servers and players would be able to get comfortable with the feel of the game, two birds one stone.

Big Boss

21.12.2014 23:10:57
cool but im getting it for singleplayer might play it online also i hate big maps online its just boring to me but come on kojima just give us a release date all ready its been too long stop stringing out new stuff and give us a danm release

pp leong

22.12.2014 2:51:05
Have everyone forget what MGS is all about?! It all about the story, the single story campaign, like we talk about now, Kojima putting MGO is just a plus point so we can play w friends or people and add replay value to its, cos in the time we live in now everything is multiplayer w multimedia. Yes we may talk about the match we played or how high our score is, but after that we will forget about it, but I think we will not forget the story impact like all those MGS titles did to us or taught us. I'm sure 10yrs from now we will still talk about how good MGSV is with or without MGO.

Gabriel “Barudirush” Barudi

21.12.2014 20:33:37
About the  A camp omega for a 8x8 would be interesting ^^

enthony cichocki

21.12.2014 19:13:30
begginers with binoculars? no one gives a fuck about spoting people, they wanna kill stuff!


21.12.2014 21:10:37
I hope to FUCK they don't add that auto aim option on MGO! Stupid noob shit!


14.06.2015 23:00:36
High expectations are abound. Lets hope they deliver without disappointing the loyal and patient fans they have garnered over the years.

Extraordinary Boris

25.12.2014 19:03:33
I just got informed via twitter that they will add classes somehow. So gg rifle 3+ Runner

Ron Fillmer

22.12.2014 21:40:14
Kind of wish there was a 2-4 vs 8-12 mode. 

Charlie Hinkley

21.12.2014 17:54:00
I would love a mode where one team of say 8 is protecting a goal and on the other team is one person who has to sneak in to the base and to the goal.


21.12.2014 19:20:49
Perfection takes time you ODD ridden cunts, dont rush it.


21.12.2014 15:18:12
oh lets be real "noobs" won't stay back and mark they will run and 


21.12.2014 23:12:04
MGS5 ->MGO will probably be costumes and cosmetic stuff. 


21.12.2014 17:14:31
(I´m learning english so excause me if i write something wrong) I really like how the MGO3 looks like, but i hope that the release date don´t go to the half of 2015 whit the single player mode. And i like the idea of the online mode come after the campaing.

Yung Nike Sock

02.01.2015 9:14:55
I don't want to fight other players I want to do missions and free roam as a team

Shinzama Kenpachi

22.12.2014 15:00:06
Yes!!!!!! Selfiess!!!!

Angel Trujillo

22.12.2014 19:19:59
(head currently nodding yes)

UHF Troll

30.12.2014 15:14:06
so this pretty much confirmed everything anyone who played MGO2 thought would be apart of the  thanks

matthew bungard

21.12.2014 23:08:17
THIS IS GONNA BE NUMBER 1,,BEST GAME EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enclosure HD

21.12.2014 15:33:47
Max Players:  Tournaments 6x6  Survivor 6x6  free lobby 24 players?
Team mode: TSNE only atm? Ok.. we need CAP,TMD,DM,SDM,SNM,BASE,BOMB.

Big Boss

22.12.2014 18:26:49
im happy that they are focusing on the teamwork aspect of MGO. its gonna be fun finding serious players to strategize with. my goal is to make as many noobs rage quit as possible.

gorge gainer

21.12.2014 18:44:24
Has there been a confirmation whether this'll be kojima's last metal gear solid game cuz if so that would be kinda've a bad way to end the story.


29.12.2014 12:58:56
Would be cool if the time of day, in a metal gear online match, would be the same as in real life.
So if you play the game at night, all matches in the online part will be night-time.


27.12.2014 14:12:04
if the numbers will be 8 or 6 it will suck i mean i don't mind fast paced matches but heck make more numbers so we can have more fun & action look at gta online you can 30 player in a TDM with small sized map .

Yamms .

15.02.2015 0:05:54
No swords like in Revengence?

Eddie B

21.12.2014 23:35:03
NOW WE CAN ALL TAKE A DEEP BREATH. Mgo will be back !!!! :) no big maps and small player count


26.12.2014 10:57:10
Everyone's going to play it like they did in 2 regardless. Box popping, head shotting praos.



21.12.2014 22:53:38
keep it up yong loving the videos.
so hyped for this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!


21.12.2014 22:49:51
I def think they should launch the single player campaign 

punished snake

27.12.2014 13:25:12
when is pp and mgso coming to pc ?


11.01.2015 17:40:49
I hope they bring back Sneaking Mission, I love playing as Snake against two teams that are fighting each other and sneaking past their battles. I had fond memories of disarming camping snipers and tranquilizing them in the old Metal Gear Online. 

Raiden 1018 (Raiden1018)

26.12.2014 4:48:35
Are they seriously trying to be like crappy GTAV? No Kojima!

Kurt Rustle

22.12.2014 1:12:05
Should have a 5v5 bomb plant/defuse mode like in Counter Strike. Could be amazing, the tactical gameplay of CS but with stealth added.

Holf Amino

21.12.2014 22:00:48


21.12.2014 21:38:00
eSport! I want MGO as esport.


21.12.2014 15:21:15
does the marking mechanic defeats the purpose of STEALTH? how can you sneak if they knew where you are.. its like on dota you have a map hack. 


26.12.2014 18:15:45
If there's no Sneaking mode I will seriously be sad. It's been my favorite mode since MGO1.

Neon Silver

22.12.2014 4:20:01
0:50-0:55 I see what you did there :).

Jason Long

22.12.2014 6:55:33
BTW WHERE THE ** IS the Skyrim Fan Made Movie ACT II?

Ciaran Byrne

26.12.2014 17:45:19
I wonder if they will do the weekly tournaments like they had in mgo2? Think it was every Wednesday and Friday evening.
One of the best multiplayer experiences on PS3 by a longshot.


11.01.2015 16:12:20
Why would anyone want a 32 player cap? There are tons of games out there that emphasize more players to the point that smaller matches are rare for their value. You can choose from the plethora of third person and first person shooters to run around in and kill players before dying without much effort or thought. Once you realize the meaninglessness, a 4v4 to 8v8 match will bring out the best of almost any multiplayer shooter that emphasizes either the individual or small units.

Shinoobi MGO

22.12.2014 0:40:17
TSNE !!! yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


12.01.2015 19:34:01
It's nice to see Big Boss smile, even though it's just a multiplayer skin


22.12.2014 0:33:44
Yong, a lot of places are posting 2/24/15 as the release date all of a sudden. A Reddit poster supposedly found the release date (see link) and a bunch of online retailers are now posting the same date as well, Microsoft included.


21.12.2014 19:55:38
I hope they won't shut it down after a short time again.

abdullah asiri

22.12.2014 6:54:49
i think release date is leaked , 12/24/2015 , there are pics for some websites and a weird laptop screenshot showing the same date !! also " joakim mogren " twitted  " 24th February, mark your calendars " !!


23.12.2014 21:47:05
's all I needed to hear

volsoner Helm

23.12.2014 9:50:03
if you look closely on the enemy shield with the red logo
(the Soldiers that gets K.O by Snake in his Mini metal gear)
the letters says Liquid!!!


21.12.2014 16:37:08
Mgo2 had 16 player max 8vs8 that released 6 years ago. If online is all about team base matches then death match is against that 's what you need to aim for large player count with bit larger map. If you don't do this at beginning when you have the most eyes and hands on the game you lose the opportunity. The hardcore gamers need to have a open mind on this and see faults and not turn a blind eye. 

Ultra Vires

22.12.2014 5:15:40
There's a Kojima Station episode set for the 25th, maybe we will get a release date for Christmas


28.12.2014 19:01:19
Who cares. They'll just pull the plug on online after 2 years like every prior version of Metal Gear Online. You guys are suckers. You already forgot about MGS3 Subsistence Online and MGS4 Online.


23.12.2014 16:40:44
All I ask is that they don't ruin tsne.


21.12.2014 21:48:18
I hope MGO3 launch like MGS4 MGO2 did  wait so I have time to play single player so i can complete the game and then I can focus to play Online. Hope for co-op!

Kenneth Valentin

21.12.2014 21:17:51
Team sneak is condirmed!! Ahh yesss

David Allen

22.12.2014 2:52:11
From 4:20 mins, just pointing out that the teleport technique seems to be the result of a device that a team mate has to place down initially as a receiving end then another player to be extracted uses the device after this to time an escape. What do you think?

Quiet Places

21.12.2014 21:35:55
Is the Dragonborn movie Act II still a go? I mean, I watched that update video you made in April, but you didn't seem to be planning on waiting until December to release 


22.12.2014 4:53:55
TEAM SNEAKING HOLY FUCK YES! That was the best and most original game mode I've played in any online game ever. I hope they add the costume editing from MGO 2 I want my crocodile soldier back to charm people.


21.12.2014 18:37:16
I thought GTA5 online wasn't available at launch because it wasn't ready. And then still wasn't ready when they launched it =P I don't remember hearing anything about it not being released so people could get used to the game.

Guillaume Dumais

22.12.2014 14:40:38
Online gameplay with an emphasis on teamwork? Sounds like heaven to me. Too bad that'll never happen because of players. 

Luis Kråke

27.12.2014 4:05:19
I'd say that while we wait for MGO3 they should bring back 


22.12.2014 0:20:12
Hey Yong, Check out this Link for A hint in TPP plot story

Love your Work



26.12.2014 10:39:20
Why not give a reward for beating phantom pain? I don't see a problem with it.


03.01.2015 19:31:11
At first I was hoping for larger battles because of the new vehicles and large maps, and almost Battlefield objectives. Now, however, I'm glad that they chose to keep it small since teamwork based multiplayer games are the best. (That doesn't mean large scale games can't have teamwork, just look at Arma or Project Reality)

magic jackster magic

26.12.2014 0:45:40
all i have to say is hell yea

enthony cichocki

21.12.2014 19:09:50
algum hue hue assiste o yong ai?

Fragged Mind

22.12.2014 0:45:45
I'm so hyped for this! I miss MGO2

Rath Burn

22.12.2014 22:16:39
if they launch the single player first, i hope i don't have to download MGO seperatly, i really need my hard drive space to last. i say launch them both, but bring the servers on line later.

tim DJ-BONEZZ Jones

22.12.2014 8:10:21
Can not wait!!!!


26.12.2014 14:36:13
marking enemies sound kinda

hiding and stealth is pretty much useless then. one dude sees me that means EVERYONE on the other team sees me through sop. what the flying fuck?


21.12.2014 18:50:10
MGS GZ $30.00
MGS V $60.00
MGO 3 $30.00

MGS4/MGO2 $60.00

Dickie Dangling

21.12.2014 17:38:21
I think "doing a rockstar" is a stupid thing to do and it also enforces the precedent set by rockstar.

As consumers, we want both parts of the mgs5 experience to be released at the same time. Having one part arbitrarily locked out at launch is not good practice. We've had games launch with online components intact for years, so what's changed in the last couple?

If it's a question of scope, then the devs should take their time. Better to release a product with all the bases covered than release a game that's half-cocked.


09.04.2015 14:51:54
Please let this be good, please let this be great, please let this be god damn 

Noobbitsyd -

22.12.2014 3:51:56
dis gon b gud lmao 

Kaan Dede

22.12.2014 23:50:30
Im so happy its stays 6 vs 6 or
8 vs 8.
Just like MGO 2.
Cant wait! gonna make a comeback with the old gang.
The FrAcTiOnS Clan

O Happy Dayz XD


21.12.2014 23:24:05
Release-fuckin-date???!!!!! :((((


21.12.2014 15:16:04
fuck mgo online if it will just add to my waiting time to get a taste of TPP . just do it like what rockstar did! so we can get used to the gameplay before the online

marcos huerta

29.12.2014 13:04:13
yeah nigga mgo, it is in some way like GR future soldier, but mg style, imma love it anyway, oh and hopefully they let u customize ur character. do anyone know that?


21.12.2014 15:23:06
It would be awesome to have coop free roam with single player so you can hang out with your buddies. Maybe a future large scale tactical missions like in some arma 3 scenarios

Sultan Jusupov

24.12.2014 11:29:07

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