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mineshafter how to get multiplayer
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How To Join A Mineshafter Server
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mineshafter server tutorial
hey every one last time i showed you how to make a mineshafter account to day i am gonna show to how to make a mineshafter server so subscribe like and leave a comment and have
my site
minecraftdl site
a nice day
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how to join a minecraft server using mineshafter
the link to mine shafter: thanks for watching please hit that like button and SUBSCRIBE!!!
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How to join Minecraft servers using Mineshafter
Hi, to day i am going to be showing you the server that you can join using
1.go to your web browser and go to
2.Select Server List
3.this is a list of servers you can join using mineshafter
4. copy the IP of the server and paste it into minecraft
you can go to and type in the search box
there you will see a list of servers that you can join
one of the best server i had found
Icecraft Survival IP:

Extra Tags
minecraft Minecraft cracked non-premium server mineshafter how to play minecraft online using mineshafter
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How To Create A Mineshafter Server (1.8)
The Code:
"%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Java\jre6\bin\java.exe" -Xincgc -Xmx1G -jar craftbukkit-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar
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Mineshafter Tutorial Play multiplayer and adding skins(Old)
This video shows you on how to make a mineshafter account and using it online in skins and playing multiplayer.


Needed Links:
( is no longer supported.I dont own them)
Using the Official Minecraft Servers won't work please use the provided link for working servers

The copy rights of Minecraft is Mojang AB
I dont own the capturing program.
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Get MineCraft free and play online!!
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How to make a MC server with Mineshafter and Craft Bukkit
Tut how to make a Mineshafter server with craftbukkit.
Mineshafter Server #Get Mineshafter proxy for servers

cd #Your location were the server jars are at
java -jar Mineshafter-server.jar craftbukkit.jar nogui

Example of CD
For an example if your using linux you have to do
cd /home/username/Desktop/minecra­ftserver/
or windows
cd C:\Users\username\Desktop\mine­craftserver\
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How to create a
Download in Description:
This Video shows how to create your "cracked" Minecraft Server so for Example your Friends who can't buy Minecraft can play on your Server.
Note: Doing this while NOT OWNING the Game "Minecraft" is illegal!
This Video is for educational purposes only!

Properties you have to change/add:
server-ip=[YourIP] / [Hamachi IP]
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How to Join a Minecraft Multiplayer Server (PC and Mac)
You will need an IP
-If you do not have an IP, but would like to join a Minecraft server, the besst are listed in order here:

0. Open Minecraft and Login (You MUST have a registered account)
1. Click Multiplayer
2. Click Add Server
3. Name Server
4. Enter iP Adress
5. Click Join Server
6. Enjoy!

If you have any questions you may leave them below, and I will try to respond ASAP.


1. do you need money to do multiplayer?

Depends. Most servers are free, but some exclusive servers charge you. (it is very rare for charges so be wary) (If you are unsure message me)

2. failed to login user not premium? what this?

This means you are not using a legitimate copy of Minecraft. (You didnt pay, you only registerd)

3.mine says:Interal exception: : Connection reset
What's that??

Either your internet or the server is down. (try restarting the game, if that doesnt work and your internet is working, contact the server admins)
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Pixelmon GLG Server EP #1 - Prep Up For My First Gym Battle!
Pixelmon! I hope you enjoy Minecraft Pixelmon Mod 1.6.2! This is a Pokémon Mod Multiplayer Server! If you want to join me head over to our Website!

Server IP:

Ricardo → →
Laine → →
David → →
Juicetra → →
Lizard → →
Preston → →
CraftBattleDuty → →

FOLLOW ME ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓
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Minecraft Fastest Way to Make a Mineshaft
This a guide to the fastest way to make a nice Mineshaft.
1st dig straigth down.
then fill with TNT
then trigger the TNT and run away.
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Minecraft FIX: Failed to verify username/ Can't connect to the browser)PART 1

Part 2: More solutions (IF YOU HAVE BOUGHT THE GAME)
Part 4: Working on this :)

Hi all,
Here is the FIX on how to fix the failed to verify username/ can't connect to

notepad %windir%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

(If you can't get it to work when you have a BOUGHT license, contact me here:

-email: [email protected]
-skype: sandertenbrinke123
-xfire: misternomercy
-steam: killdude243
-GamrCred: MisterNomercy
-Xbox: Mister Nomercy

Thanks for watching :)!
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The Great Minecraft PVP Adventure
The full and uncut 2 hour adventure of us on the minecraft player versus player server.
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mineshafter proxy tutorial +server von mir.
links: mineshafter:
mein server
name: geil
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Minecraft Premium Account kostenlos und legal [German/Deutsch]

sry das ich mich wiederholt habe das richtige kommt bald

Ihr wollt Minecraft kostenlos und legal... GANZ EINFACH! Geh auf folgende links. und
mach das was ich im Video gemacht habe...

Hier die Skins:
Hier die Cloaks:


Hier geht's zum Kanal von BiobrotTV:

Ich suche einen der mir ein Intro macht er wird 6 Wochen in meiner Beschreibung und im Channel stehen, danke im voraus.

Abonnieren, kommentieren und bewerten :)
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Minecraft 1.7.3 FREE download plus Online (VOICE TUT)
Old links (1.4)
Old links (1.5_01)
New links (1.6.5)
How to get minecraft 1.4 beta online without a premium account
Mic is a bit bad

Subscribe please

1,sign up to and stay singed in
2, download my rar file from mediafire
3, extract to /mineshafter server by right clicking
4, run mineshafter-server.jar
5, wait till that gets to 100%
6, Lots of files have spawned
7, open server.PROPERTIES with notepad
8, go to ipchicken on google
9, copy that ip from the chicken to server-ip= for example server-ip=
10, save and exit
11, open mineshafter-proxy
12, now go to multiplayer
13, re-run mineshafter-server and leave it open
14, go online by typing your ip from ipchicken and play

note: your friends only need the proxy and the ip to join you but you have to be online for them to join and if it tells you you are not premium try launching proxy again

your thumbs up mean alot to me
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How to play Minecraft for Free using Mineshafter [Working Online] [Any Version!]
Hey guys. Long time no see,eh? You thought I had quit YouTube and stopped making videos,aren't you?
Well that's not the case. You see, I was pretty busy with school and exams, so I didn't bother making any kind of videos. But now I'm in vacation and I've got lots of free time on my hands, so I thought why not make a video? And I did. And lemme tell you a secret: there's more to come. Including MSSRWE. So yeah. Enjoy the video!
Song: Dragonforce - Starfire. I own no rights to it. Deal with it, WMG.
How to play Minecraft for Free using Mineshafter:
1. Go to
2. Login with your Google Account.
3. Connect your Google Account with the account you made on
4. Download the mineshafter-proxy, shown in the video.
5. Put it wherever you want, and open it.
6. Now this is important, enter your credentials, and NOT the ones! And make sure you go to Options and click Force Update!
7. Profit!
(Optional) If you want to use a skin, follow the instructions shown in the video. Link for skins and texturepacks:

Also, if you want to know how to make a server, watch this video
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minecraft-mineshafter server (cracked players can join) ip address is given
leave a comment with your nickname..... everyone will get ip address 100% and tell your friend about this video......the only thing i need it is your nickname in comments(and plz also like my video )
this is not 24/7
subscribe me coz soon i will give out more servers and even 24/7 server

new minecraft 1.2.4 server to get it's ip address write your nickname under the video in the link

am sorry server if full now.soon i will give out more ip's
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Minecraft CRACK 1.7.3 [Full length tutorial] With mineshafter
Today i remade my awfull videos of me trying to eplain how to work the mineshafter service, this time hopefully i never missed anything and my mic isn't terrible. if you can't hear my voice very well i didn't want to wake anyone up so just turn up your computers volume and you will hear me. You will need all of these webpages to follow this tutorial.
Open all three of them. Please support my channel by favouriting this video, like it and maybe if your checky you can subscribe to my channel. The server i found whilst making this video turns out to be an amazing bukkit based rpg server made for non payed users.
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Mineshafter: Failed To Verify Username FIX!
Some people have been asking me how to do this, so I made a video of it. This is also a response to MisterNOmercy's Minecraft FIX series.
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