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How to Control a Ton of Inputs using Shift Registers!
This video explains how to use shift registers(74HC595) to control an insane amount of digital inputs.
Part 2:

Check these videos out first:

The code in the video: (note - I had the data and clock backwards in the video)
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Arduino Tutorial #3 - Shift Registers (74HC595)
Arduino Code:

74HC595 Datasheet:

In the third Arduino Tutorial I discuss one of the many ways that you can expand your outputs on the Arduino. In this case, by using a shift register, I am able to use three Arduino pins to control 8 LEDs.

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How Shift Registers Work - Build the Test Circuit!
Just an extension of this video which explains shift registers:

I got a few requests for a circuit diagram, so this video should help you out.

Have a project where you need world class engineering services? I am now part of the team over at USA Firmware, so feel free to drop us a line to get in touch with a creative genius that can help you with your next big project!
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Using a 74HC595 to connect an Arduino to a 7-segment LED display (Anything Arduino] (ep9)
In this 3rd part of our 7-segment to arduino connection walkthrough tutorial we use a 595 Shift register to display the numbers. Walking through all the steps of connecting, how to count binary when sending it serially to the 595 and how to write the code to display 0-9 numbers.

Files and resources are available here:
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PWM with shift registers for Arduino: ShiftPWM example 1
This is a demo of the example included with the ShiftPWM library for Arduino.

With ShiftPWM you can control up to 768 outputs with PWM.

A new improved version can be found at
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L298 Motor Control | Arduino Tutorial
Want to control those standard, off-the-shelf DC motors in any way possible with an Arduino? Look no further, this video will tell you how to do just that! The L298 (or l298N) motor driver IC is a great little device that can control 2 motors, and supply up to 2 amps per motor - perfect for little robots running around!

Link to download code:

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Fun with shift registers - The 74HC595
Fun with shift registers - The 74HC595
In this project I will be using the 74HC595 to extend I/O's from a PLC for the purpose of driving several segment displays. Instructions, schematics, and a parts list is available at
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My Arduino Plays Sweet Child O' Mine

A little project of mine. Disregard everything on the breadboard. It has nothing to do with this project, I just didn't want to take it all off.
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Tutorial: 74HC595 Shift Bit Register using a 7 Segment Display, with code.
Shift Bit Registers can be a little tricky to map out and setup. I designed this simple bit of code to help you do just that. A simple bit shift operation that sends a HIGH signal down each of the Shift Bit Registers pins in turn. i.e. shiftOutDisplay
I've also developed this very simple method that goes hand in hand with the code and should be a good starting point for anyone who is not too familiar with Binary.
Finally, I've added some useful code to display the map that you've created. i.e.

I hope you find it useful, I know I've had a lot of fun with this stuff :)



ShiftOut Reference:

ShiftOut Tutorial:

Music written by Tom Cusack
Composer -- Tom Cusack
Music from
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Experiments 5.2: Arduino - Serial to Parallel Conversion (74HC164 & 74HC595)
Experiments 5.2: Arduino - Serial to Parallel Conversion (74HC164 & 74HC595)
This video looks at serial to parallel conversion in digital electronic circuits. In particular it shows how we can drive a sequence of LEDs using a single pin of the Arduino. Also, it discusses the difference between latched and unlatched serial to parallel converters. The particular ICs that are examined are the 74HC164 and the 74HC595 (latched), where the video demonstrates how to drive 8 LEDs using a single pin and 16 LEDs using two pins of serial data. This video is part of an introductory module on digital electronics. The associated content can be found at
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4-Bit Shift Register - An Introduction To Digital Electronics - PyroEDU
4-Bit Shift Register - An Introduction To Digital Electronics - PyroEDU
More Information:

To join this course, please visit any of the following free open-access education sites:

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How to control a 7 segment LED display
How to control a 7 segment LED display
This is a short guide to using 7 segment LED displays, if you want more information on these displays check out

You will also find information about other displays as well as robotics and electronics projects at

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How to Control LCD Displays | Arduino Tutorial
How to Control LCD Displays | Arduino Tutorial
Working on a project where you need to display something (like data/debugging info)? Why not use an LCD! In this video, I go through various aspects of controlling the device with an Arduino, including setting different types of cursors, toggling the display and even creating custom characters!

A cool custom character generator:

HD44780 (the LCD controller) datasheet:

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PCB Design Tips | General Electronics Tutorial
PCB Design Tips | General Electronics Tutorial
Tired of ugly DIY circuits on prototyping board? Here's a nice video on how to design a PCB (printed circuit board) well! Contains a whole bunch of PCB design tips, so when its manufactured, it comes out right!

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7 Segment Displays With An Arduino - Let's Make It - Episode 22 -
7 Segment Displays With An Arduino - Let's Make It - Episode 22 -
This week we take a look at using a shift register to control a single 7 Segment Display then we take a look at the Maxim 7219 chip that is designed specifically for controlling up to 8 7 Segment displays or an 8x8 LED matrix. Plus you can connect these chips serially like a shift register to add control of an additional 8 displays for each additional chip.

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Producer: Mike Myers

Executive Producer: Michelle Myers

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Lecture series on Digital Circuits & Systems by Prof. S. Srinivasan,
Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Madras
For more details on NPTEL visit
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Shift registers - 74hc595
Shift registers - 74hc595
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How to start coding in Codevision AVR (beginers tutorial)
How to start coding in Codevision AVR (beginers tutorial)
The following lesson is for beginers who dont even know how to start using Codevission AVR for coding a Chip,hope this helps.
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8x8 LED Matrix - 74HC595 Shift Registers - Testing Circuit with Manual Control
8x8 LED Matrix - 74HC595 Shift Registers - Testing Circuit with Manual Control
Simple demonstration of working of 74HC595 Shift Registers and using them to control LEDs on an 8x8 LED Matrix Display.

The Column and Row Lines in this circuit are fixed to VCC/GND, and a single PUSH-BUTTON is used to send the CLOCK Signal for shifting.

This is just one of the steps in moving toward controlling such Displays via a micro-controller.

Circuit SCHEMATIC used in this video:
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Arduino Tutorial: Kapitel 3.1.3 -
Arduino Tutorial: Kapitel 3.1.3 - "Mehr Pins, bitte"

Ein Schieberegister (74HC 595) verwenden um mehrere LED zu steuern

weitere Informationen:
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Shift Register Applications
Shift Register Applications
A video by Jim Pytel for renewable energy technology students at Columbia Gorge Community College.
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