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Top 10 Mac Apps of All Time!
These are by far the Top 10 Mac Apps of all time to use! Go get them!
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10 Best FREE Mac Applications!
Free... Yes you heard it right... FREE!

In this short video, I go over some of my favourite Mac applications. They can be downloaded at the following websites:

Google Notifier:
Carbon Copy Cloner:
SMC Fan Control:
VLC Media Player:
Mind Node:

Let me know if I missed your favs!

Remember that I like to hear feedback about my videos and requests for other videos. If you give me an idea that I use, I'll mention your channel name in that video!
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my top 10 favorite mac apps
smc fancontrol:



Ishowu hd pro: see my vid on how to get it free!

iAlert u:



app zapper:


iserial reader:

KCN screw:

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Top 10 Mac Applications
Here is a list of the top 10 mac applications:

1. Firefox
2. Transmission
3. The Unarchiver
4. VLC
5. Handbrake
6. TVUPlayer
7. KCNscrew
8. Wiretap Pro
9. Appcleaner
10. Mackeeper

Link to my wallpaper:
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Cool MacBook Tricks 2
You guys have been asking for a part 2 for some time now, and i thought i'd go ahead and make one. Sorry its been a while!
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BumpTop for Mac 1.0!
BumpTop is a brand new way to look at your mac desktop. A fun and productive approach with 3D and Physics.
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Best Free Mac Apps of 2012
Here are my personal favorite free Mac Applications of 2012.

Apps in order of appearance:

1. CPULed

2. VirusBarrier Express

3. Free Memory

4. App Cleaner

5. Clean

6. Mirage

7. Quick Note

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How to Clean Your Mac
How to Clean Your Mac
Want to learn how to clean your Mac? You don't need any special software or a tech guru... just use these tips and tricks.

Links Mentioned in this Class:
App Cleaner (Free)

Time Machine Editor (Free)

iPhoto Library Manager (Paid)

Take our FREE classes at
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How to: Apply a theme to your Mac
Here is the link to download Magnifique:

Check out and subscribe to him at

Yes, I was right, if you are running Tiger, then you must use ShapeShifter, which is available to download from this site:
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Double Your Internet Speed for Free
How to get a faster internet connection from your internet service provider using troll science! This trick has a zero percent chance of improving your internet and download speeds. Please stop asking me why you can't get faster speeds because you need to just buy it. Send this to your tech-savvy friends for a laugh! Your internet speed can't actually be increased, you'll have to upgrade your plan.

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Learn the MAC In Under 90 Minutes 2015 Yosemite Edition
Just get your first Mac? This tutorial is perfect if you just bought your first Apple Computer or need to brush up on the basics. David A. Cox is a technology teacher and in this video he'll show you everything you need to get started. Topics include Finder, Setting Finder Preferences, the Dock, the Apple Menu, Hot Keys, and more.

2TB Time Capsule:
Apple Airport Extreme:
Microsoft Office 2011 Edition:
Magic Window:
Adware Medic:
Cyberpower Battery Backup:
Brother Laser Printer:

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Our goal is to offer a stellar education that you can get for free right here on YouTube. When you take David's classes you'll immediately see his passion. He loves this stuff!

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BumpTop 3D Multi-Touch Desktop
BumpTop 3D Multi-Touch Desktop
Download at

Check out some of the exciting new multi-touch gestures we are unveiling in BumpTop. We go beyond the typical pan-and-zoom gestures most multi-touch apps use. Check them out in the video!
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Mac Customization: The Desktop
Mac Customization: The Desktop
In this video I go over some applications and other ways to make your desktop look as cool as possible! I use Geektool, yahoo widgets, Bowtie, and a mixture of custom icons to make my desktop look good! Here are the links!!


Geektool Commands:

Yahoo Widgets:


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Top 10 Mac Applications
Top 10 Mac Applications
Download Programs:


Visit My Site For MORE:
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[TUTORIAL] Macintosh OS X Mavericks 10.9.1 on AMD Processor! (Hackintosh) [Dual-Boot]
[TUTORIAL] Macintosh OS X Mavericks 10.9.1 on AMD Processor! (Hackintosh) [Dual-Boot]
Although it's been around 8 or 9 months without releasing a Hackintosh video I've been busy in the works with getting Mavericks to install on my AMD system, I hope you guys are excited! If you enjoyed the video, please leave a like and subscribe so I can continue to keep doing what I love!


- Needed Hackintosh Files
AMD Kernel:

-Optional (you can use these as a reference in correlation with the video)
Audio Kext:

-Tonymacx86 files
Multibeast (Mavericks):
Unibeast (recently updated to 4.0.2!):
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How to get a moving background on a mac or pc
How to get a moving background on a mac or pc
Link to dreamscene activator.

link to mach desktop

Video background i used

youtube downloader
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Enhance Mac Desktop I: Wallpaper Clocks
Enhance Mac Desktop I: Wallpaper Clocks
How to make live wallpapers on a mac, similar to the ones found in rainmeter for windows.
Download link:
Episode II: BumpTop -
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11 useful Mac tips
11 useful Mac tips
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Amazing Mac Applications to Increase Productivity
Amazing Mac Applications to Increase Productivity
PayPal Email: [email protected]

iTunes Alarm:
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Must Have Mac Apps 2011 (October)
Must Have Mac Apps 2011 (October)


Skype (Free)

Google Chrome (Free)

HandBrake (Free)

KCNScrew (Free)

QuickTime Player 7

StuffitExpander (Free)
Search in App Store

The Unarchiver (Free)
Search in App Store

TinyUmbrella (Free)

VLC (Free)

AppCleaner (Free)

Caffeine (Free)
Search in App Store

Cocoanut Battery (Free)
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Tips and Tricks: Mac OS X (10.5.3)
Tips and Tricks: Mac OS X (10.5.3)
5 Tips & Tricks for Mac OS X.

Please PM me with any questions and/or suggestions.


Update 6/22/09; Wow, over 50,000 views!! Thanks for watching, everyone! Be sure to check out my website, YouTube Channel, and Vimeo account for more videos!
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Learn the Mac In Under An Hour
Learn the Mac In Under An Hour
Are you new to Mac? Just got your first Apple Computer? In this one video you will learn everything you need to get up and running. David A. Cox is an award winning teacher who specializes in teaching technology to the non tech-savvy. His service, is a free service that allows anyone to learn how to master their Mac, PC, iPhone, or iPad from the comfort of their own home.

PC Classes Online is now a free public service. Take our Mac, PC, iPhone, and iPad classes today at
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