Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes - THE MEDIC [Snake Invisible]
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Matt Smith (12 days ago)
Everyone over complicate things. It's just a damn medic. 
Chrree Cherry (14 days ago)
Let me quote Dr. Cox: "Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong...wrong, wrong, wrong,
wrong! You're wrong! You're wrong! You're wronnnnggg!"

I know who that medic and the guy with the bandages are for months now and
after seeing this I know that I was right all along. I give you a hint: One
character is not who he seems to be.
Nikko300bhp (19 days ago)
Can't be a Young Solidus Snake guys, the Les Enfant Terribles project that
gave birth to the three "Snake brothers" happened in 1972. Solidus was
approximately 3 years old at the time of Ground Zeroes (1975).

Ishmael is a possibility. Now who Ishmael is, or if he is indeed a real
person, is another story...

Even though Frank Jaeger (Gray Fox) is another possibility there are 3 main
reasons why I believe most likely it's not him either:
1. Big Boss knew him by name, he would call him by his name/codename and
not "Medic"
2. Frank Jaerger is in his 20s during Ground Zeroes. The winkled forehead
and other facial features, along with the brown hair (Gray Fox's hair was
blonde-grey), suggest this is another character. (examined high-res
screenshots online)
3. Gray Fox was "developed" to be the perfect soldier, so it's unlikely
that he would ever be used as a medic.

I know there is something odd with the way he is portrayed, but the
possibility that the medic is just a random character with no further
involvement in the story exists. Miller saying "What about him?" in the
resulting hospital scene suggests otherwise (and yes, I know what Kojima
said about that scene, but hey, it remains a possibility, Kojima is the
master troller of the gaming industry after all). If he is involved in the
later story, I believe this is most likely a new character, or an existing
character of the franchise in his earlier days.
Dig Bick (18 days ago)
Skooma Joe (14 days ago)
Look at him! He looks just like a young Snake. Seeing how he's voiced by
Sutherland and looks like Snake, it's safe to say that he's either Solidus
or a clone that we've never heard about before. I'm so excited to play the
game and find out!
MerolaC (20 days ago)
This is just awesome.
I hope you can also hack the camera angle. That would be even better.

Thanks a lot man!
Zackhanscom (20 days ago)
it's just a random guy, but with full performance capture, they let the
actors play the scene out. but it's true in most games the protagonist
would be the one doing the work while the npc just mills about.
VictorsMod (9 days ago)
It is absolutely impossible that the medic is a young Solidus Snake.
Snowriderist (17 days ago)
Maybe an early clone before solidus that's the only thing I can think of
cause solidus was in Africa during then and the 80s 
Neon Silver (17 days ago)
Wow...5:00 Such a disturbing image.
NightShadow (17 days ago)
Perhaps remove EVERYONE except the medic?
RamblerRUS (20 days ago)
Solidus is a clone just like liquid and solid... and he is a pure clone, he
wasn't born by Eva.
That guy (19 days ago)
>mfw Kiefer is literally Ishmael
Solid (19 days ago)
Decoy Octopus?
James J (19 days ago)
Stealthy camo at it's finest 
Hunter Killer (19 days ago)
wow how did you do that amazing!
Carolinerailroad (20 days ago)
it's Chico
Tmacc (20 days ago)

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