Android Lollipop 5.0 x86 For PC
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Geek Till It Hertz (1 month ago)
Starg09 (19 days ago)
I've been trying your builds, and so far the most "stable" for me would be
the Dec 23 one (last one before gapps).

All other builds will either end in an infinite loop, or fails inside
android. I tried the build that worked with many gapps packages (full,
slim, etc.), to no avail. The login process is too laggy, and even when
finished, Google play keeps saying error 927, and Play Services giving
errors regarding Google Play Music.

Oh well, I guess I'll wait for an official realase, or at least a more
stable build... Thanks for sharing! :)
Santiiiii :3 (9 days ago)
i need only burn on a usb, or someting like that and later, boot from usb?
on pc
Groud Frank (16 days ago)
I got 4.4.4 up and running on my laptop. I am surprised at the number of
apps that work. In fact I haven't run into any app crashes since. I guess
Google knew what they were doing when the chose *Java* as the language of
choice for Android. People say it's "slow" but 'Write Once Run Anywhere'
most certainly has its benefits. Not only can I run Android on a laptop but
soon we will be able to run Android apps through Google Chrome and
Jase Wolf (1 month ago)
Hopefully the Android X86 team hurry up and release a stable version of
Lollipop. So cannot wait to use it. At the moment my Asus S200E has 4.4 RC2
build on it (alongside Chrome OS) and is very very fast and snappy. Can't
wait to see the improvements Lollipop brings as 4.4 RC2 was such a big
improvement on the jellybean build which took ages to start and was very
laggy at times, especially when I was downloading/updating apps from google
play which used to pretty much freeze it.
Emunkdanoti (13 hours ago)
Hmm. My usb mouse wont work with Lolipop. (Installed in HDD) any idea?
E sean keni (22 days ago)
For some reason when i install or run the file directly without installing
all i see is a blank screen and some grey/white lines instead of the
android logo please help sometimes when i use the dubug mode i see the
android logo but after a long time my pc turns off
(PS thanks in advance)
Jessey Lawson (1 month ago)
can you put the buils on the site as when i click download anyway button it
gives me a 404 error.
JoeNobody010101 (29 days ago)
Will the sound work through HDMI? I tried android on the big TV before and
couldn't get the sound to go through.
Luis Santana (15 days ago)
is wifi working ? or bluetooth? or 3g? because i tried a build without
gapps and camera doesnt worked, wifi either, but i just ran it without
installation, was that my error?
Sukumar Patel (21 days ago)
Do games work? Last time I tried 4.4 on an Intel NUC DN2820FYKH, all games

It was connected to TV via HDMI. 
Isaac Cyan (2 months ago)
Could you make an .iso file of Lollipop-x86 for me, and upload it
somewhere? I cannot seem to initialize a local repo (something about
manifests not being found). I want to test it out really badly, and see
Material Design and all of that. If you can, let me know ASAP! Thanks!
Gershon Dharmanandan (18 days ago)
how to change resolution?
PkmnSalamence123 (12 days ago)
I keep getting the 972 error while downloading apps when I try to make it
persistent, how do I fix it?
Faisal Khan (8 days ago)
Hey bro can you tell me what is working or whats not..........
Ubudroiddan (13 days ago)
what about AMD GCN GPUs? Can work with them?
Pau C (9 days ago)
Hi! First of all, great work, big THANK YOU! I was wondering if you could
help me. I installed 5.0.2 following your instructions. I get a 972 error
when downloading apps from PlayStore. I read about a solution involving
making an ext4 filesystem and mounting data.img into it. I don't really
know how to it. Could you recommend a tutorial or something? Thanks +Geek
Till It Hertz 
Mario Cardozo (8 days ago)
Thanks, I've tested and works fine, although I have a recommendation to
make, if you please update the kernel to 3.18, this would make it much more
hardware support, thanks again, I remain spectacular. excuse my English, I
am using a translator, Greetings
Dos May (23 days ago)
dude! we're all thankful and all but could you PLEASE give us a new
download link because Google is on crack right now! Could you upload it to
like Media fire??? anything else but Google! PLEASE, you got us all excited
but the link doesn't even work! its not your fault its Google's fault, we
appreciate what you've done so please please just upload it somewhere else!
Thanks buddy! ;)
Juan el Pito (27 days ago)
5.0.2 no funciona en procesadores AMD. Solamente funciona con
procesadores Intel. Comprobado.
Carlos Mendez (9 days ago)
I tried this version of android in my gateway nv55c39u, it runs flawless,
beautiful and perfect, but there's a bug in the wifi, the os detects all
the wifi networks but it cannot connect to anyone, What can i do to fix
that ???
Nicols Dennis (21 days ago)
+Geek Till It Hertz thanks for the download, I am right now on lollipop on
my dell n5110 laptop. I have audio, wifi, and bluetooth but touchpad and
webcam don't seem to work and i also don't have opengl support and I had
all these on kitkat. I have a intel hd 3000 gpu any ideas on how I can get
it active? Can i place in driver support from kitkat onto lollipop if so,
where do i source the files and where do i place them in?
DOGE™ (5 days ago)
This would work great with touchscreen laptops or Windows tablets!!! :D
Lolada65 (8 days ago)
i have installed it on my pc, and i created a 30gb partition on it (where i
installed it) but when i install apps it says that doesnt have enough space
,help me pls!!
Angel peña (4 days ago)
Que bruto eres, existen programas como camtasia studio para grabar la
Rohit Kohli (1 month ago)
Hey plz help me every time I try it format my windows plz help I really
like it
Ryan Silva (1 month ago)
Will it mess up my OS (Windows 7) if I boot to CD ( Cause when I had
Windows 2000 Boot CD in it went into setup and when I cancelled, It would
not boot Windows 7.)
Bi laz Uniqua (1 month ago)
Recently i install android x86 kitkat r1 on my dell laptop with intel hd
3000 graphics But i am facing serious problem i cant play any android
games.It always shows error such as stop working.I tested more than 30
android games and non of them is working and only shows stop working.Please
help me to fix this problem.i want to play android games.Every thing is
working except games.
Espiderman de Los 60´s (12 days ago)
I Have A Problem when I try to connect to my wifi given That You Can not
Connect to the network and Password is good Written
Steven shearing (1 month ago)
Should Android lollipop make this run more stable compare to kitkat and
before as it was built for x86 programs/apps.
Akiraspy Telles (12 hours ago)
nice tank you
Александр Сорокин (12 days ago)
google apps dont work. camera too, but Bluetooth is work! It's really cool!
Ravish Ogre (23 days ago)
+Geek Till It Hertz hi, i installed android x86 kitkat on a laptop but the
grub file made the windows installation fail, thers a way to made a proper
dual boot or any tutorial?? thanks :)
Brooqs (18 days ago)
hi how to install google apps? i have compiled from source but google play
service always broken. Thanks for answer
Mihai Carp (15 days ago)
i have tested the last uploaded iso file on virtual box my video
Enso montana (1 month ago)
goodnight friend install the version of android 5.0 alpha on a acer aspire
5253 bz installation was as constumbre with other anteriores.ahora my
question is how I run the other applications bienen default and do not
appear in this version?
Kimurakyo ZEN (16 days ago)
Connect gmail error
Andriod lollipop Beta?
Kevin vang (24 days ago)
Every time i open the browser i get Unfortunately the browser has stopped
working and since theirs no app store i cant download a different
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