Story Time - Sick and Nearly Dead
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From: Boogie2988
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Chris Cooke (2 months ago)
Bravo, you look way healthier these days, compared to this video.
Cameryn Yim (5 months ago)
Hey guys belinda Marshall got reported so yeah
Psycho rap Music (7 days ago)
The video was made in 2012 it is 2015 you look a lot better now 
Blake Johnson (1 month ago)
You are the best you tuber ever :(
DatGirlGamerHD (2 months ago)
A Pepsi in the back. Boogie boogie boogie...... WHERES MY GOD DAMN MOUNTIAN

Wak was (7 months ago)
Its ok, boogie 2988 don't worry about Belinda Marshal she will never be as
good as you are neither will the people that have insulted you along your
Emulen2 (2 months ago)
keep it up big guy :) ( no offence ) but you have my full support and
respect :) 
Michael Myant (25 days ago)
Don't die on me man, your one of my favourite youtubers you have my 100%
respect and support stay strong and NEVER GIVEUP!

VortexGaming (2 months ago)
I feel for you, glad you're getting better. I have asthma, but nowhere near
as bad as you had it, from what I hear. Keep up your videos :)
XAOxCo1byJack (2 months ago)
Man, I know how bad asthma is.
Frostinberg (4 months ago)
I don't know if I heard that right, but you not only lost your love
interest, but some of your best friends because you were in a hospital? How
could they abandon you like that? :(
Valdox (2 months ago)
You are very inspiring, and for that i disabled my addblock and clicked an
advertisement for ya.
Gabriel R (1 year ago)
Stay strong brother...god has a plan for everyone... God bless
Atomic Eagle (5 months ago)
Don't die, man! You should ask your wife to help you get better health!
Spend more time on getting on your feet again, and less time on blogging,
You can do this man!
Michael Brown (2 months ago)
Glad to have you here narrating my nights, sir hang in there. 
Sduhguitar (2 months ago)
Boogie you've been through some crazy shit love you man keep it up.
Zach cattral (2 months ago)
+Cameryn Yim THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She is a BITCH!!
WARHEO545 (1 year ago)
What is much sadder then the video is that many of the people are not
educated and have made there own little opinion on why boogie is fat, That
they call facts, But is actually made up from themselves. He is trying to
explain to people on why he is fact because of medical conditions and
people are taking his answer twisting it, and turning it into trash or
theories. Don't pay any attention to some of the people in the comment
section, or don't look at it at all.
Razor3248 (2 months ago)
i have asthma a inlarged artery and im always sick and not well i know how
you feel
Mnc122703ify (2 months ago)
that's awful bro . its your time now
Nick Nurenberg (5 months ago)
I love Boogie
Larry Linton (14 days ago)
Me to
Tanker Gamer (1 year ago)
Sigh, please like this comment if every single comment section about
boogie's videos makes you unhappy :(
MilkyDischarge (10 months ago)
Worst thing I've ever had is chlamydia lol
Max Mataya (1 month ago)
Amen brother!
Shant07 (7 months ago)
I want to be a dinosaur
Mistyturtle Gaming (2 months ago)
Dude your super human 
Andreas form (1 month ago)
Sorry Sorry :( 
Vince Betteridge (7 months ago)
I feel bad for you get well soon I ment
Brianna Schaber (7 months ago)
Say strong boogie2988 we belive in you 
Spoon Bandits (5 months ago)
u can make it through this
Brent Molog (11 months ago)
Respect !!!!!
Bigj2637 (5 months ago)
Dont ever wait to go to the hospital or get seen by a doctor. Money comes
and goes, your life doesn't. 
Lewis Barlow (5 months ago)
Don't worry it will pass :)
Steve Smith (10 months ago)
bro your the strongest man i have ever seen from just what this is about. 
Adriana kentos (6 months ago)
You badly need a raw vegan diet
DaCommentator353 (6 months ago)
fuck belinda marshall that fucking skank she can go hang herself and rub
one in on herself while she commits. you will always be awesome and keep
gaming on you awesome dude!
i think you should try out minecraft and terraria if you havent already and
garrys mod =D
Patrick LeFrancois (1 year ago)
I worry for you my friend. Do not leave this world early, do what ever
needs to stay here as long as you can. Be safe, be healthy.
XbusterCreatesMC (7 months ago)
Stay strong boogie some people just suck your awesome 
Po123333 (7 months ago)
cold air i find is the best for panic attacks and short tightness of
breaths stick your head in freezer man i know it sounds silly but it really
does help :) chin up!
Jalen Poole-Jackson (5 months ago)
Im so sorry for u
Crimson viper (6 months ago)
Francis has a vagina
Mario Barajas (7 months ago)
this is making me cry a little this so sad
MRfree13xBox (10 months ago)
I know boogie is an amazing and brilliant guy and I have 100% respect for
him but he needs to turn all of the negative shit into something fucking
positive cause in 2014 his Francis videos have dropped and he's doing a
load of vlogs most of which are negative. He needs to do more happy videos
Vigors Vigores (11 months ago)
Man if I had the money I would come to America and force my way into your
funeral! But you can't think like that! My friend has (I don't know how you
spell it so I will sound it out phonetically) sis-tic phy-bro-sis and the
doctor only gave him until he was 15 to live and he's still going strong
today!!! I actually cried when I saw you on supersize vs superskinny
because people give you all this hate and it's not even your fault! People
should watch your draw-my-life! You are really inspirational to me and all
my friends because you have proven that you can overcome any kind of
handicap be it mental or physical. Without you I would have never started
playing football (or soccer) keep making videos forever!
Hank kill (1 year ago)
I live in a very similar situation. I've been chronically sick to the
stomach for the past two years and have been painfully suffering, and just
had a serious surgery yesterday. They found a massive Hiatal Hernia and
evidence of stomach twisting, so they had to gastroplicate it. Before the
surgery, I was suffering from severe chronic nausea, fatigue, reflux,
discomfort, severe bloating, and heavy pain that has gotten worse over
time... Being sick sucks, and I know how it feels =(. And now that I got
surgery, I should recover in a month at most, yet I am currently in a lot
of pain from the incisions... Hopefully things get better for you, and
ANYONE who is sick (including myself) can get physical and emotional
heeling, I am hoping to heal and get better soon, get better soon =), being
sick sucks but there is always a light at the end of a dark tunnel.....
The Nintendo Guru (6 months ago)
Boogie, you can do it man!
Dylan Arguelles (7 months ago)
don't worry because everything goes good at the end for strong people like
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