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Alqia mirzan (2 days ago)
i love in here,no negative comment and this i want,life in peace and
tolerance,god bless u all,alhamdullilah..
Chloe Webster-Wilkins (6 months ago)
i quite like the look it was quite pretty in the end. Im no muslim but i
had to go to the most beautiful mosque once and had to wear hijab, I wasnt
nearly as skilled as your husband haha
Gursanjog Singh (4 months ago)
hi..!! I am from India.. and I am a Sikh..!! and i really feel hijaabs are
beautiful..!! :-) 
Tiffany Boone (11 days ago)
It was a bit painful to watch at first, but in the end...he actually did a
pretty good job! It was smart to use the white inside...very nice looking!
Quranal mohamad (17 days ago)
I love the look cuz I am more of a colorful hiajb lady.
And all the different and colorful colors are just my type.
More of a rainbow which is cute.😀👍👍
Abigail Carter (8 months ago)
He did nicely! I like it! Nice job! :) And kudos to you for your courage
Amenakin! hahaha
Sania Khan (1 month ago)
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Leila Ahmed (2 months ago)
Mashaalah habiby may Allah give you long life
Soulfoodify (4 months ago)
that is the bggest lie in the world. the hijab is younger because the islam
is not as old as judaism or christianity. Christian nons are covering their
head much better then muslims and do not show any shape-but many muslim
women show their highheels, makeup or the shape, booty etc....even in
judaism women cover well.......
Ammara Nisar (5 months ago)
Such a gorgeous couple. May Allah bless you both. Nazar na lage kisi ki
Fatima Diallo (4 months ago)
Ya Allah this is too cute
I should teach my man how to do my hijab in sha Allah
bcs he like to said hey baby what take u so long to put a scarf on 
LittleKidney (3 months ago)
I'm sorry but your husband is too cute! I wish all husbands were like him.
KazeSuenos (3 months ago)
He tried so diligently, lol :-D It looks good and warm for a severely cold
Winter. He humbly bowed after like a kid showing his project at a school
Science fair, lol! Mash'alla your union.
M Cheri (5 months ago)
Too funny! "I'm saying 'Oh my goodness!' out of----joy!" Lie! Hilarious!

But back when I wasn't even Muslim, I would NEVER have handed my then-Hubby
a box of straight pins simply because that's a dangerous combination! And
just when I said to myself, Oh no! Please don't stick her!, you screamed!
x-D lol Sorry! I just saw it coming! x-D My Mom would've sarcastically
said: "He gets an "E" for Effort!" =) Luv you guys! You're so cute
Vivi Lu (1 month ago)
AHAHHAA you guys are so cute! >///3/// good :P
Shannon Rose (8 months ago)
It seems like when he didn't know what to do with rest of the material, he
just kind of put it on her right shoulder. haha
Karishma fan (3 months ago)
He so goodlooking oh god I want him
Sonu mala (1 month ago)
tnx for sharing
Zayn malik (18 days ago)
Narges Nafissi (4 months ago)
U guys are sooo cute together!!! I love ur channel btw
Istiak tonoy (3 months ago)
i know how to do..... sometime i help my mother......
Tnblockhart (4 months ago)
He actually did a pretty decent job! You guys make an adorable couple! Such
a good example of marriage!
Arfah Dahoo (12 months ago)
Perfect Couple 
Zainab R. (4 months ago)
Is she a converted Muslim or a born muslim? Either way I love you videos
Nat forever (4 months ago)
Amber Smith (4 months ago)
He tried...that's the main thing to remember here 😂😂😂
Zahir M.S.I. (5 months ago)
what's wrong with mental patients? I'm very offended.
Johanna stewart (11 months ago)
osama looks like rob kardashian
Hana Kasterwill (5 months ago)
hahahha I love it he did a nice job really, congratulation 
Hala hassan (11 months ago)
he did it really beautiful job with hijab,but can you just do it about
yourself please if you can because i really love it how its look.
Sol P (6 months ago)
If the Hijab is meant to be worn to adhere to modesty, why then do Muslim
girls wear a hijab and then slap as much foundation, false eye lashes, lip
stick etc.... Present company excepted. I don't get it! 
Candlina Meanings (5 months ago)
Mumnzi (10 months ago)
He did a fairly good job :)
Ing (7 months ago)
Assalamu Alaykum Amina, sister do you have WhatsApp messenger?
Syifa Lavisenna (10 months ago)
he did a very good job :D
Armeen Kaur (7 months ago)
I love ur hubby..he is so adorable. ..
Bless u both. ♥
Hanna Ozil (5 months ago)
nice tandem💕💕💕👍
Ilham Omar (6 months ago)
Wow its actually really nice
Nab khan (5 months ago)
You guys are so cute:) 
Muqs 123 (7 months ago)
Wtf? Ppl get a life remember its the video tht we r commenting on 
Jennifer Campbell (8 months ago)
Whenever I need a laugh I rewatch this. I know the cause is important, but
the deer in headlights look on poor Osama's face is too funny. :-) 
Mariya Furtado (10 months ago)
Question: doesn't all that fabric get hot in the summer? Damn i didn't know
that the hijab was put together with so much farbic!
Jess Jupiter (1 year ago)
+BbwJessie Why is it disgracing YOU? What do the actions of another person
on the internet have anything to do with 'keeping you down'? Did someone
walk up to you and say "Hey, I saw a Muslim woman on the internet earlier
and you can't participate in xyz because of it."? No.

Feminism isn't about "liberating" every woman to become a
Western-ideal-free-spirit, its about women being equally free and able to
do as they wish, just as men are. If she, or any woman, wants to practice
her religion of her own volition, then she's practicing feminism. Until her
hijab jumps off her head and attacks you, its not bothering you in any
significant way other than invoking your ignorance. 
Belochka81 (8 months ago)
This was funny, poor Osama he looked so scared and uncomfortable looool 
AwesomeRecords (10 months ago)
the look of sheer horror when he's pinning the scarf :'''')
SHAIMA (10 months ago)
Nurul Aima (1 year ago)
wow how cute both of you. aww, a husband help his lovely wife to wear a
CataclysmicStar (9 months ago)
You two are adorable!
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