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Cracked Minecraft server [RPG] HIMACHI 24/7 sometimes 20/7
Cracked Minecraft server [RPG] HIMACHI 24/7 sometimes 20/7
this is a cracked minecraft server that i found when creating another video about the mineshafter service (required for the server to work). It runs many plugins such as iconomy. The sever uses himachi which you can google to download. The server is not hosted by me as i simpily do not have the time or fast internet connection. Only 30 players are allowed on the server at once. The himachi codes are MINECRAFT RPG 1-15 and i am sure if you visit this webpage and explain why you should be in when it is full we can make room for you. . Also if you donate you instanly become premium. The server has some really amazing structures, plugins and stories. You will find the server ip when you join the himachi network so there is no need for me to leak it online ;)
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Minecraft CRACK 1.7.3 [Full length tutorial] With mineshafter
Today i remade my awfull videos of me trying to eplain how to work the mineshafter service, this time hopefully i never missed anything and my mic isn't terrible. if you can't hear my voice very well i didn't want to wake anyone up so just turn up your computers volume and you will hear me. You will need all of these webpages to follow this tutorial.
Open all three of them. Please support my channel by favouriting this video, like it and maybe if your checky you can subscribe to my channel. The server i found whilst making this video turns out to be an amazing bukkit based rpg server made for non payed users.
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this is one way to get minecraft for free by replacing the launcher you use with a version created and released by AnjoCaido. Sorry for not using a voice tutorial but my mic has broken, hopefully i can get a better one soon. The download links will be below this short description. Please subscribe and rate this video up, maybe even favourite it because this will get
me views. Once i start getting views i will start making more helpful crack video's from anything from Adobe Photoshop and camtasia studio. Within the video it says the launcher was made by someone but i took the time in the video to chnge it back to show you it wasn't created by this youtuber it was actually created by a full on hacker of minecraft. Next video, Some amazing mincraft mods for 1.6.6 beta. Did you know the full version of minecraft is going to be released in november so if you want to buy it buy it now as when the full version is released it will cost alot more. No one knows how much either.
JAVA for those who need it
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Fallout new vegas update 7 skidrow!!!Pre order DLC!!! Honest Hearts DLC!! ALL FOR FREE
Fallout new vegas update 7 skidrow!!!Pre order DLC!!! Honest Hearts DLC!! ALL FOR FREE
this is the update seven skidrow. i have not tested this file so please report back with comments

Does not require older versions to work! It is update seven. Alot of mods now require this update so it is crucial to do it. Get NVSE right after!!!!

for all of you guys who currently dont have falloutnv SKIDROW here's an detailed video

apprently there is a new DLC on the 19th of this month. i will try to get round to it

Thank you to jared4wally for giving me some very useful links. he is now a big part of every link in the video.

stuff he found
Pre order bonus pack DLC:

and the update 7 skidrow:

Here is my torrent for the honest hearts DLC (which has to be mounted with a disc mounter):
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How to get minecraft for free with AUTO updater 1.7.3
How to get minecraft for free with AUTO updater 1.7.3
I do not own or create any money from the music content in this nor do i own or make money from the hack used in my video.

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CRACKED minecraft sever 24/7 Free build
CRACKED minecraft sever 24/7 Free build
Back online new ip new video new name new style new host new everything
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How to play minecraft 1.7.3 online for FREE CRACK
How to play minecraft 1.7.3 online for FREE CRACK
You can download from here
1,download RAR file
2,Go to %appdata% in search bar
3,Roaming folder appears
4,Backup your saves to the desktop
5,Put .minecraft from my RAR in roaming folder
6,Go back to other vid and get Mineshafter files
7,Launch mineshafter-proxy and login
8,Go to
9,Find a server you like and join it
10,It might be offline find a different one

Your thumbs up mean alot to me
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Minecraft 1.7.3 FREE download plus Online (VOICE TUT)
Old links (1.4)
Old links (1.5_01)
New links (1.6.5)
How to get minecraft 1.4 beta online without a premium account
Mic is a bit bad

Subscribe please

1,sign up to and stay singed in
2, download my rar file from mediafire
3, extract to /mineshafter server by right clicking
4, run mineshafter-server.jar
5, wait till that gets to 100%
6, Lots of files have spawned
7, open server.PROPERTIES with notepad
8, go to ipchicken on google
9, copy that ip from the chicken to server-ip= for example server-ip=
10, save and exit
11, open mineshafter-proxy
12, now go to multiplayer
13, re-run mineshafter-server and leave it open
14, go online by typing your ip from ipchicken and play

note: your friends only need the proxy and the ip to join you but you have to be online for them to join and if it tells you you are not premium try launching proxy again

your thumbs up mean alot to me
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Minecraft 1.7.3 CRACK plus ONLINE (view my better video)
Minecraft 1.7.3 CRACK plus ONLINE (view my better video)
Himachi can suck my balls all it does is give me errors so here
is my new video. This time i show you the Youtuber how to
host a minecraft server without needing Himachi and can be
on the new 1.4 beta. Every so often it will give the the outdated
server error or the bad login. I have the fix. This server has man
more bonuses to the Himachi

You have more control
No need to install anything
Always gives you the newest version

1,Go to
2, download theserver and the proxy
3, Go to the minecraft website
4,Download the linux version of minecraft_server.jar
5, Make a few .bat files
6, Load Minecraft_server.jar and let it grab the files
7, Go ahead and open the port you are using (25565)
8,Put your name in the Ops file and begin
REDRAFT: To make the server for all of those who dont know Go to the download website. Make sure you are registered with both google mail and Minecraft. Go to and sign in to your google account and go to servers and create a server of your choice which you will then have to put into the file. This will be what you put into multiplayer
9, all your friends will need one file to play with you
10,They will need Minecraft-proxy.jar and that is it
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Minecraft CRACK 1.7.3 (Check out my better version)
Minecraft CRACK 1.7.3 (Check out my better version)
Download links
or the 1.5_01 version
or the 1.6.5 version
After watching my first video on cracking minecraft alpha 1.2_02 i promissed i would provide the material to make a server for free (no premium, with the crack) no money involved. Again i leave a mediafie link so surly that is worth a thumbs up. Your friends can easily play with friends and it works with the newest version so you dont have to be outdated. This is a crack in itself and you may not want the other alpha i provided but it is worth it
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