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BerryFlow Upstream #31 ~ CES
BerryFlow Upstream #31 ~ CES
This last week at CES 2015, BlackBerry and their QNX subsidiary shared a string of announcements, partnerships and unveiled a roadmap into the Internet of Things (IoT). With over 50 million vehicles shipping with QNX embedded architecture, BBM expanding to Android Wear and a highly scalable, secure IoT platform, BlackBerry CEO was quoted following unveiling with – “Now the fun beings.” We sum up and extrapolate the week here with you.
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An Android Flagship Couldn’t Sway Me From BlackBerry
Through first-hand experience, I have been able to learn about the inherent strengths – and weaknesses – of every major platform (BlackBerry, iOS, Android, Windows Phone) and decide for myself what works best for me in a smartphone.
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BerryFlow Upstream #30
This week we'll keep it brisk with a light week in news as carriers around the world being to ramp up for the release of the Classic through sales channels. With the products and services established BlackBerry is now focused on hitting growth targets for the new year while laying out the various roadmaps for IOT and more.

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We Are BerryFlow
Can a mobile device make you more productive, efficient and effective? BerryFlow believes so. Discover the community of next gen prosumers that will inspire you to evolve your mobile lifestyle and the way you flow.

Video by Jubei Raziel
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BlackBerry Classic: A Definitive Review
This is BerryFlow's full review of the BlackBerry Classic. Following two weeks after the official launch event here is our official review and impressions. Let us know how you like the BlackBerry Classic.

Full Review:
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BlackBerry Classic Keyboard Shortcuts
From hardware copy and paste to app launching and more. The keyboard on the BlackBerry Classic is empowered to do much more than simply typing.

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BlackBerry Classic Trackpad Enabled Maps
A short video showing off the rich integration between the track pad on the BlackBerry Classic and the optimized 10.3.1 OS.

BlackBerry left no stones unturned with this Classic throwback.

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BlackBerry Classic - Personal Assistant
The Assistant on the BlackBerry Classic is top notch. With keen nuance technologies powered by Maluuba. You can not only type to the assistant discretely but also dictate a plethora of commands and prompts.

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BerryFlow Upstream #29 ~ GPS
This is the last Upstream of 2014! To close we’ll be talking about a light week of news and touching base on some forthcoming changes on the site and abroad. Join us we cover BlackBerry Rio, Shop BB deals, and Google Play Store accessibility on BlackBerry 10.
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BerryFlow Upstream #28 ~ On Holiday
Following a Q3 earnings call and new device launch for the BlackBerry Classic, the Upstream crew is here celebrating our 7 month run and talking about a few key areas like a dynamic BBM Sticker Picker, new BlackBerry Classic impressions, and talking about the earnings report which was hard on revenue but saw BlackBerry in the black for profitability.
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BerryFlow Upstream #27 ~ Odyssey
On air this week prior to the Classic launch on Dec 17th to talk Ford, QNX, BBM and device codenames and rumors. Early start but we appreciate your following along.
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Unboxing Seidio Surface Combo Case & Holster
Unboxing Seidio Surface Combo Case & Holster
Christmas came early and today I received the Seidio Surface Combo. The case itself is sturdy and is secure when clipped together. The full case...

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Walls Video
Walls Video
No comments.
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BerryFlow Upstream #26 - Hosted
BerryFlow Upstream #26 - Hosted
Following BBM updates, Classic teaser videos, Genomic sequences on a BlackBerry Passport, BES12 webcasts and more it’s been a pretty packed week. Here with the regulars to cover what’s come to pass and what we have looking forward.
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PushPlane For BlackBerry 10 (Overview)
This app is available now in the Blackberry world for 1.99 with updates coming for OS 10.3+. Check out the links below on how to get PushPlane on your device and how to sign up for IFTTT services

Find PushPlane in Blackberry World:

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BerryFlow Upstream #25 - Eon
To close out November the team’s getting together to discuss a relatively slow week in news. Nonetheless there are solid indications of progress moving ahead alongside some announcements that we’ll be discussion in this evening’s session. Passport Trade Up program, German approval of Secusmart acquisition and answering some questions voiced on our BBM Channel will be among the set list.
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Gazzet Social Feeds & News Reader For BlackBerry 10
Gazzet Social Feeds & News Reader For BlackBerry 10
I’d like to introduce Gazzet – a premier social feeds reader for BlackBerry 10. Gazzet is purpose built to streamline content consumption and engagement by linking popular news feeds from Twitter, Reddit, and Feedly (Coming Soon). Gazzet is your life’s magazine.

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BerryFlow Upstream #24 - Powermat
BerryFlow Upstream #24 - Powermat
Time flies covering $BBRY! This is our 24th Upstream session marking a 6 month milestone online. Join us as we discuss ex CEO Thorsten Heins, new SVP appointment, developer 10.3.1 Gold SDK, Rio device rumors and much more!

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Triangles for BlackBerry 10
Triangles for BlackBerry 10
Our good developer friend Merrick has offered up a fantastic giveaway to BerryFlow readers. Today you're able to download his new application called Triangles, a simple low-poly wallpaper generator for BlackBerry 10.

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BerryFlow Upstream #23 - BES12
BerryFlow Upstream #23 - BES12
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BlackBerry Passport: Work Wide App
BlackBerry Passport: Work Wide App
Work Wide App Brings Split-screen Usability to BlackBerry Passport
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BerryFlow Upstream #22 - Classical
BerryFlow Upstream #22 - Classical
4 days ahead of the next generation mobility launch of BES12 in San Francisco, the group is here to discuss a heavy week of news that spans coverage of device distribution, services updates and words regarding the NSA, Passport restock and more!
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